Vatican lifts ban on married priests for Eastern Catholic churches in US, Canada, Australia [CC]

The Vatican has lifted a longstanding ban on the ordination of married men to the priesthood in the Eastern Catholic churches.The tradition and discipline of the Eastern churches …


About time. This is something that was called for in Vatican II ( Orientalium Ecclesiarum)

Indeed. It was only recently that I learned there was such a ban. I had never realized that was the case for those in the U.S.

Alas, it’s taken 85 years to come nearly full circle …

BTW - there were some glaring inaccuracies in the referenced article.

I can’t cite my source at the moment, but I recall that *married *Eastern Catholic clergy were not allowed to say Divine Liturgy in Rome.

Is that to be addressed, too?

By “in Rome” do you mean at St. Peter’s, or all of Rome?




St. Peter was married…

It was a Cardinal who would not allow DL if the clergy was married. I’ve searched the forums, and with the recent news, Google is no help. :frowning:

I agree that a celibate clergy has many advantages for pastoral care but that it is also important to respect Eastern traditions.

As far as I am aware the Maronite Catholics of Sydney have always had married priests and celibate Bishops.

I thought this ban was lifted decades ago. It seems one learns something new every day.

And yes, this was about time - in my opinion the ban should never have been made in the first place.

Does this mean impoverished parishes now like our Protestant cousins in England? Because now we gotta support the family.

How many Eastern Catholic parishes are there in the US? Not that many. And if having a married priest leads to an impoverished parish then that parish has deeper issues.

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