Vatican Meeting With Pius X Group

Interesting news item. Could this mean an eventual rapprochement with
the breakaway Lefebvrist movement? One hopes and prays so (at least I do).

~ Frank


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VATICAN CITY, 26 OCT 2009 (VIS) - The Holy See Press Office released the
following communique late this morning:

"On Monday 26 October in the Palazzo del Sant’Uffizio, headquarters of
the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and of the Pontifical
Commission “Ecclesia Dei”, the study commission made up of experts from
“Ecclesia Dei” and from the Society of St. Pius X held its first
meeting, with the aim of examining the doctrinal differences still
outstanding between the Society and the Apostolic See.

“In a cordial, respectful and constructive climate, the main doctrinal
questions were identified. These will be studied in the course of
discussions to be held over coming months, probably twice a month. In
particular, the questions due to be examined concern the concept of
Tradition, the Missal of Paul VI, the interpretation of Vatican Council
II in continuity with Catholic doctrinal Tradition, the themes of the
unity of the Church and the Catholic principles of ecumenism, the
relationship between Christianity and non- Christian religions, and
religious freedom. The meeting also served to specify the method and
organisation of the work”.
*OP/SOCIETY ST. PIUS X/…VIS 091026 (200) *



This is what so many of us have been praying for, for so long. But it will take time and, probably, an intervention by B16 to keep the talks on track. I’d be guessing that the Pope’s team may have some personal agendas but I pray not. Straight forward Doctrinal discussions. We’ll see as time passes.

The "Pope’s team" is comprised of men personally selected by the pontiff himself, with the authority to speak for him; there are no “personal agendas” being served.

It will be most interesting to see how the Society reacts to these discussions. As mentioned earlier, it is the Holy See who has decided what is and isn’t up for discussion and some of the items were of strong criticism by the Society. We shall see.

There are several points that must be kept in mind here:

  1. The agenda was created by the Sacred Congregation for the Faith, not by the Holy Father or the SSPX.

  2. The agenda includes only those subjects that BOTH the Sacred Congregation and the SSPX agree are of difficulty.

  3. The commitee does have an agenda: to bring the SSPX into full communion with the Holy See.

  4. It is not the purpose of these meetings to change the teachings of the Church, but to understand them.

  5. The laity has no role or voice in these discussions, by order of the Holy Father. The only lay men and women allowed to be present are theologians, canon lawyers and others who work for the Sacred Congregation.

  6. Cardinal Levada has issued a “gag order”. No one is allowed to speak about the meetings and the discussions while in progress without the permission of the Sacred Congregation.

  7. We will not know the conclusions until the meetings are over and the report is issued.

  8. Cardinal Levada has stated that the Holy Father will not take part in the dicussions. He will report to the Holy Father and the Holy Father will speak through him.

  9. At the end, the conclusions are expected to be adopted by all. There will be no further allowance for continuation the discussion. Those who like what they here will remain united with the Church and those who do not will have to choose what they want to do. This is typical of these kinds of meetings. They have taken place in the history of the Church for the purpose of bringing a chapter to a close, not to drag it on. Otherwise, the work serves no purpose.

  10. It would be logical to assume that any leaks to the outside cannot be taken with much credibility, because the person who leaks is obviously breaking the rules of the meeting. Anyone who breaks the rules, lacks credibility as one who is truly interested in hammering out these issues without adding fuel to the fire.

What is left for us to do, is to pray that the resolutions bring unity to the Church.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

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