Vatican message to Muslims calls for 'genuine fraternity' [CWN]

The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue has released its annual message to Muslims for the end of Ramadan, which will take place on July 28.The statement, dated June 24, was …


This is going to be a hard road for all of us, especially now that ISIS has established themselves as the global caliphate.

Then too we have these reports today.
Iraq Christians told to convert or face death

Report: ISIL orders no food aid for Christians in Mosul

All things are possible with God, I know, but this does not look promising at all.

ISIS is not established as a global caliphate. They are far from global. The Saudi’s might have a thing or two to say before they become global, not to mention Israel.

This isn’t a geopolitical exercise and we are not representatives to the United Nations or diplomats concerned with some nebulous cooperation between populations of people. We are called to live out the message from the Vatican one-on-one, person-to-person. Cooperation, reconciliation, justice, peace… these are things we are supposed to do with the Muslim in the next cubicle and they guy who lives down the street.

Humility is knowing your place. I have not been placed in charge of geopolitical issues.

I start by recognizing that our Muslim neighbor’s grass hasn’t been cut in a few week and knocking on his door to ask if he is OK. That’s peace. I start by gathering together outside of an abortion clinic to pray or joining together to run the porn shop owner out of town. That’s cooperation and reconciliation.

The rubber meets the road in my cul-de-sac. That is the theater of my redemption.


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