Vatican misspells 'Jesus' on commemorative coins

Not sure if my link worked I’m on a cell phone sorry :blush:

I’m Latin illiterate so I wonder, the “u” looks like a “v”, is Jesus really misspelled or is it a translation issue?

Also, how can we get one?

It seems someone made a mistake replacing a capital “I” with a capital “L”.

In latin Jesus is written Iesvs since Capital i and non cap L look the same it could well be that someone made a mistake when drawing the art.

It is obvious whoever did it did not know better.
They will have to be re-stamped.

I would so like to get 1 of the botched ones. Botched proofs tend to increase in value rather quickly.

Your link does not work, but, yes, it was a misspelling. The coin was imprinted, “LESVS” when it should have been, “IESVS”. There is no U or J in the Latin alphabet; The letter I (capital i) eventually became the letter I and J, and the letter V eventually became the letters V and U in the English alphabet. Which ones they become depends on the pronunciation of the words they are in. Here is a link that works.

I am wondering if the headline is a little misleading. Would have the Vatican have minted (manufactured) the coins themselves or have someone else do that? It’s possible whoever made template for the coin could have made the mistake. In that scenario then it wasn’t the Vatican who misspelt it but whoever manufactured it.

Try this link:

No, I don’t want one of these coins, even if there is money to be made on it.

The inscription above the cross stated “IESVS” and that’s worth more to mankind than a false coin.

The headline would not be nearly as enticing if they had said, “Italian National Mint Misspells Name of Jesus”. But that’s actually what happened.

Here is the offending “medal”

By the way it was minted by the “Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato” the Italian equivalent to the federal reserve mint.

Only 4 medals were sold. They will increase in value very quickly.
Here is their website for e-commerce:

This is the Vatican filatelic and numismatic office:

Click on the image to see a larger one.

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