Vatican Needs To Get With Times(Electronic Media and Media Relations)


People should take some time and do the following. Google “Pope Benedict” and/or “limbo” in the news section. Then do the same as to the blog section.

What you will find is as to the papers the most dishonest headlines and reporting as to the Theological Commisions’ statement on the Unbaptized. It is appalling and boy one should look at some of the comments. Anti Catholics are having a field day with this. The Blogs are worse. I have seen Blog Post that say “POPE GET RID OF PURGATORY” Lot of misinformation.

I wonder why the Vatican releases such info on a Friday Afternoon. That doesn’t seem to be productive especially as to properly engage the predicted media and others misinformation campaign. Some of this I know is based on ignorance.

More Troubling is this. The Vatican Web Site(That has never even reached 1 percent of its potential doesn’t even have the Commision Report ONLINE

One should ask why not?

I remember a story that I read about a project the Knights of Columbus did. Back in the Cold War the Knights were copying precious books, documents, etc from the Vatican and putting many of these items in a safe location in case Rome went up in a Mushroom Cloud.

It would be wonderful if the Knights or some other organization could raise funds to truly make the Vatican Communication Dept come in the 21 st Century. The Vatican WEB site could be a portal to information, music, art, and other things that would be without match.

It could fnd a truly Catholic worldwide Internet Radio Presence to compliment its shortwave presence. Especially English. Can you imagine the quality of teaching and other resources if there was a 24 hour Internet radio presence etc

Anywho I am going off topic. But I do think these things could be handled better especially in these days when are still dealing with the fruits of Poor Catechisis.

Apologetic wise , I am curious if anyone would like to do this. Make a team sort of Blog. Its purpose would be to highlight misinformation about Catholic teachings we are seeing on newspaper reports and various blogs. Many of these blogs have susbstantial readership. It would be a proactive blog though. The mission of those team memebrs would be to not only to report but to correct and invite others to do so. Thus people would go to the comment sections of these papers and blogs and with Christian Charity correct the errors. I think that actually helps and is productive. I need this a couple of weeks ago as to a similar situation where the Blogs and papers were having a time of it with the Pope’s statements on hell. I am devoting much of this weekend to doing the same as to the LIMBO/Unbaptized Baby ISSUE.

Is there any interest by anyone in forming such a team blog? I tell you with the Latin Mass issue, The China Issue, The new ICEL ISSUE and a million other things that wioll come up I think there is a need.


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