Vatican needs to hire a PR manager fast

Ok, I know that the liberal media and anti-catholic culture will always pick on Catholics, and the Vatican and the Pope in particular.

But… I am thinking that a lot of it could be avoided if the Pope and the Vatican had a PR manager who can give the Pope advice on how to avoid doing things that can be easily turned into anti-catholic fodder.

For example, today there an article called “Pope Benedict Has Custom-Designed Cologne”, indicating that he contracted to have his own fragrance made.

The anti-catholics comments on this were inevitable. They are having a field day, about how silly the pope looks, wasting money, saying that Jesus wouldn’t do this, etc. They even make the usual pedophile comments.

With all the bad publicity we get as Catholics, I cringe when these types of stories pop up that seem like we could avoid if we just were a little more intelligent about perceptions.

What do you think?

Ever time it occurs we can take heart in the words of Jesus…

“Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Do you really think that the cologne is for righteousness sake?

Frankly it just seems unbecoming for the pope to do that.

I agree. Regardless of the intentions, it looks bad. I realize we are not supposed to be phony and try to please man, but we are trying to win souls.

The cologne is for the Pope and no one else. It will not be marketed. It is a gift and nothing more. It is no different than someone knitting him a scarf. The Pope has done nothing wrong. How can a gift be construed as being something unbecoming? But as usual, those who hate will continue to hate.



I don’t even bother reading those ignorant comments from Yahoo and such anymore. Waste of time…

I know, it is about 99 to 1 against Catholics, very depressing. I began to debate some of them, but it is mostly a waste of energy.

If anything, if I see a bunch of hate comments, I just ignore them and post a bunch of positive comments instead.

A spin doctor would be a certain sign that we have rejected the call to be not of this world.

The Catholic church has outlasted the Roman Empire, The French Revolution, Henry VIII, The Third Reich, The Soviet Union, and any and all governments and persecutions that ever were and ever will be since it was established.

Anything negative that’s happened in our lifetimes is small change compared to what has happened in the past. Buy or borrow Triumph. It really helps to put it all in perspective.

I don’t know that we need a spin doctor, but certainly there ought to be someone who can simply say “hey are we sure this is a good idea”? I see no positive to the Holy Father getting his own scent and plenty of bad. Its one thing to not be of the world, but quite another to actively seek ridicule. We get plenty of that without this sort of thing.

A thousand years ago, it lost the East. 500 years ago, it lost half the west.In the 19th century it lost its temporal base. Since 1960 it has lost half? its own members in the developed world. I am not sure if PR is the solution, but denial about the problem will not assist.

I think his critics are like Judas Iscariot and the Pharisees when the girl anointed Jesus and should go find a real issue to whine about.

Face it…as Catholics we are generally damned if we do and damned if we don’t, so I don’t frankly care very much when they pull this stuff.

Must have been a slow news day…:rolleyes:


They are having a field day, about how silly the pope looks, wasting money, saying that Jesus wouldn’t do this, etc.

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