Vatican newspaper analyzes successful TV series 'House' [CNA]

Rome, Italy, Jul 13, 2009 / 08:56 pm (CNA).- In an article titled “What if the Cynical Dr. House was Good?” L’Osservatore Romano reviews the book “Dr. House: Madness and Fascination of a Cult Series,” which examines the popular TV program “House” and how its “evil” protagonist conveys positive but often politically incorrect messages in support of life.

The book’s introduction points out that few programs on television escape today’s political correctness, a censor that teaches “very little culture and impresses just two values on the minds of viewers: self-determination (which culminates by turning into loneliness) and separation.”

The authors of the book, Carlo Bellieni and Andrea Bechi, call it surprising that “the protagonist (the hero)” of the popular series “is an open cynic.”

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Polish a turd, and it’s still a turd. I give the show 50/50 on morality, and that’s being generous. Having said that, it is a good show, and sometimes they goof up and actually put out something worthwhile.

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