Vatican newspaper warns against 1-sided portrayal of Islam [CWN]


L’Osservatore Romano published a column on the front page of its Holy Saturday edition cautioning against one-sided media portrayals of Islam.In the column, Zouhir Louassini, a …



I suppose they feel they need to do this, and perhaps they do. But the reality is that most schools of Islam do accept the Doctrine of abrogation by which the early, more tolerant, directives in the Koran are superseded by the later, more warlike ones. It is not surprising, then, that so many Muslims embrace, at least formally, the idea of violent jihad.

And just as one should not assume most Muslims embrace the later (Medina) portions and perhaps embrace the more tolerant (Mecca) portions, neither should one assume the opposite.

Jihad against infidels is a curious thing. It is, according to the later portions of the Koran, mandatory upon Muslims UNLESS the infidels are too strong. One truly ought to wonder how many Muslims are of peaceful intent because of that versus how many really have a benevolent attitude toward “infidels”. “Relative strength” is exactly what ISIS is trying to show Muslims in committing its atrocities. The message is “Look how weak the infidels are that we can do this with impunity. Therefore, uninvolved Muslim, you must join jihad.”


Even Vatican newspapers have been reduced to the business of ridiculousness? Maybe portrayals of Catholicism shouldn’t be one-sided either. We believe in the Eucharist, but let’s also give equal time to those who don’t believe in the Real Presence, because we don’t want to be one-sided. Some people might believe abortion is evil, but let’s not be one-sided about that either. All these daily terrorist attacks? No need to be judgemental or afraid. In theory, they might have just as easily been carried out by Presbyterians or the Amish, so let’s put Islam in the same category as those two. Just as long as we don’t “hate” anyone, because hatred is wrong. The terrorist attacks are just a “thing”. No biggie.

We have reached such an absurd state of affairs that Donald Trump might be the closest thing to a voice of reason that we have.


I think Vatican ll is getting it totally wrong here. Worryingly wrong. Muslims have a thousand plus year history of invasion, and every nation they have invaded, including places chiefly associated with our story, they have successfully forced conversion, and subversion, with aims to attack, persecute and subvert the Christian ruling classes. Hundreds of years later, with each nation existing as a Muslim majority, the now minority Christians face persecution, poverty, humiliation - and in many cases relentless accusations of blasphemy.

I have to ask - is this the future The Vatican has for Europe? A once homogenous Christian Europe, balkanized - by the will and affect of mass Muslim immigration, into a basket case continent, reminiscent of the Middle East and Arabia?!

As Europe’s Muslim demographic continually grows, we will see more and more demands to Islamise areas we once regarded as our own. And if the demands fall short, Jihad will prevail:


The “strength” argument is very important. The radical Islamists feel at home in Europe, because it is a secularized society, with no clear cultural identity of the majority.
In the countries where there is still a strong religious and cultural majority (Central and Eastern Europe, so far), Muslims feel the strength and learn to respect the majority and its values.


Maybe someone will have better details on this, but I vaguely remember G.K chesterton in one of his books predicting a comeback for Islam and for a large scale conflict between it and Catholicism. If the world is going to end one day, a religious war between the two as an impetus or even the primal reason is not beyond imagination. It’s wishful thinking to believe that as long as we treat other religions respectfully we are going to have no problems. The world has always had religious conflicts and will till the end of the days. It’s part of the spiritual warfare thing.


The real problem here is not Muslims themselves, but the gutless secularized majority of Europe, who are unable in principle to resist to radical minorities. It is us who are supposed to make better demographics and teach our children to defend their nation and its values.


See, for me it is really is ISLAM - and those who are allowed to import this ideology into our lands. Islam is basically horrendous. It is not only anathema to Christianity, but in practice it is a bitter creed, borne out of the mind of a warrior, selfish Arab - presenting nothing in the way of righteousness or Divine intervention.

Before Vatican ll the Church proudly exuded a sense of openness about the disdain - we as Christians hold for the teachings of Muhammad. The Vatican had room to breath, and space to intellectually explain why Islam has to be stopped from reaching our lands. If it wasn’t for the Catholic Church, Islam would have succeeded in its European take-over aims 700 years ago.

But after the war had ended we allowed the left to win. And winning is all they have been doing ever since. Hence unmitigated Muslim immigration, political correctness - (censorship), and emphasis on embracing any form of teaching or idea traditionally hated by the Catholic church.

For the Islamic world - fine. However, the deliberate act of infusing millions of Sunni Muslims into Christian nations will most certainly declare a disastrous, violent affect.


I agree with the statement by the Vatican.

It feels good to not have to second guess and disparage the wisdom handed down by the Vatican. The same message of tolerance and acceptance of God’s children has been expressed by the Pope himself.


As long as it feels good.


Yes, I believe this is a big part of the problem, but remember that Islam has had a record of attacking Christian nations from almost the very beginning.


Interesting point of view, which I think I am reading correctly, is that the external enemies of Christendom are being greatly aided by its internal enemies.

It seems almost laughable now to refer to the west (outside the U.S. at least and a few others) as “Christendom”. But culturally, it’s still true. And there are certainly those, principally on the left, who hate western culture and do everything they can to pick it apart.


actually hate and violent retaliation feels very good and natural to those who practice. It is human nature to answer violence with violence- and Christ taught against this.

“Love your enemies”.


Just to be clear, you’re saying tolerance is a synonym for love? So parents can best express their love for their children by a casual tolerance of whatever behavior they choose to express?


At least 70 people have died in an explosion in the city of Lahore, Pakistan, according to local police. Hundreds more were injured. According to Reuters, the attack was claimed by the Taliban faction Jamaat-ul-Ahrar.

Pakistani Christians on Monday mourn one of those killed in a suicide bombing in the eastern city of Lahore on Easter Sunday. More than 70 people were killed. Islamist extremists continue to carry out deadly attacks despite a military crackdown that has weakened radicals over the past two years.

“The target were Christians,” said a spokesman for the faction, Ehsanullah Ehsan. “We want to send this message to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that we have entered Lahore. He can do what he wants, but he won’t be able to stop us. Our suicide bombers will continue these attacks.”

The blast struck Gulshan-e-Iqbal park on the western side of Lahore, which features wide lawns, a boating lake and amusement rides.

The large public park was crowded with people enjoying a spring evening, NPR’s Philip Reeves reports from Islamabad.

Local police chief Haider Ashraf told The Associated Press that many families were leaving the park at the time of the explosion, which he said hit near the children’s rides.

The casualties included many women and children, Reuters reports, citing a superintendent of police for the area.

It’s difficult.


No, I think what he may be saying is that you can’t use “violence” in order to make those children choose what is right, only truth spoken (acted out) in love can do that.


Be careful. You don’t want to accused of hating anyone. That would be the greatest evil.


Hate is literally the greatest evil. God is love and hate is the absence of love which means it is the absence of God which by definition is Hell. Hate can only exist where God is not.


And God is not with Islam. How do we know this? Islamic theology and Islamic history clearly tells us this. Islam is anathema to Christ. Therefore Islam = Hate.

I appreciate the simplicity of my thoughts, but I honestly mean what I say.

I just wish the Vatican would wake up.


So God’s response to, say, abortion, is nothing but love, and therefore we should just tolerate it?

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