Vatican Official: Bishops Have no Choice But to Refuse Communion to Pro-Abort Politicians

I agree. God Bless him. America is not lost. This man proves it.

Well now are we actually going to see some enforcement of law on the bishops from the Vatican?

Well now that would be a nice change of pace. :slight_smile: Perhaps things are moving in that direction. Let’s see if more comes of this than words. I pray so.

  • Ave Maria.

There are a couple in my district that need to be excommunicated.

It is time to make examples! You cannot serve two masters. The politicians have to learn that. The bishops have to put their foot down. I hope they all finally do it uniformly.

Allowing Catholic politicians who support abortion by voice or vote, to continue to recieve communion causes grave scandal. It is time for all bishops to defend the Eucharist.

This scandal has hurt the faithful. The don’t ruffle any feathers approach is so weak and cowardly.

:clapping: Bravo!

This is what is needed a direct and forcefull honest approach to every Catholic. Now what we need is for all Priests and BIshops to heed this letter and do the right thing! Although sadly I will not hold my breath

*“What are they doing? They’re using the Eucharist as a political tool.” *
That line from this article hits the nail on the head!

I think the pope should create a new diocese of Antarctica, and the next bishop who gives communion to a pro-abortion politician wins the prize of being the first bishop to take over that see, permanently.

Keep in mind that the majority of Bishops do not agree with Archbishop Burke. If they did, the USCCB would’ve taken a
stand on the issue at their meeting this past fall. Instead, they’re keeping the decision in the hands of the individual Bishops to set their own policy, when it comes to allowing Pro-Choice, Catholic politicians to receive Communion.


And I think they should send Nanci Pelosi along she could be his secretary and have The kind of Church that suits them.:slight_smile:

I’ve decided that Nancy Pelosi is not a cafeteria Catholic (not that anyone has said she is in this discussion…), she is a fast food Catholic. I don’t want to name the fast food chain, but they say you can have it your way.

I would love to see Nanci Pelosi in a discussion with one of the Catholic theologian, then she could tell us all just how Catholic she is!

Now that would depend, there are some pretty liberal Catholic theologians out there…LOL:rolleyes: , but yes I agree with you:D .

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