Vatican officially makes an announcement.


Don’t kill me not date predicting but it is now official the vatican has announced it will be freeing of the Latin Mass. This is Cardinal Betone talking…he is the top Dog. He wouldn’t be allowed to say this unless it were going to happen for


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YES!!! Lord God…THANK YOU!!! :extrahappy:

Sweetest Lord Jesus, please guide and protect the Holy Father. :signofcross: :highprayer:

Thanks be to GOD! The Holy Father is a true and loving sheperd! :blessyou:


All I have been reading for the past few weeks is that it is soon, nothing new. Same news!. Next week and the week after that we will continue to hear that is soon. Just let everyone know after it comes out.


what does this mean for the SSPX? will they be reunited with Rome? or is this just one issue?
will Catholics be allowed to go to their Masses?

God Bless, Mary Keep


Yes–May our Lord guide and protect our Pope—for many will be quite unhappy when the MP is finally issued.


I’m so glad!!! There aren’t many parishes who offer the Latin Mass where I am and I hope that more will once this is finalized. I currently go to a parish where the NO is celebrated and I do love it, but I so want to be able to atted a Latin Mass regularly!!!


Sad but true. :mad:

I get the feeling though, that a lot of Traditional folk will be coming out of the woodwork and rising to the Holy Fathers’ defense in surprisingly large numbers. :extrahappy: :dancing: :bowdown2:


I’ll also wager that the Lord uses the TLM to bring even more souls in his Church who know nothing about the Trad/N.O. issues.


Thank God. I’ve…We’ve all been…waiting for so long…


Amen to that!!!


Heh :smiley: I saw this heading and thought they’d announced the press conference or something. Go to see, it was just his Eminence…:wink:

How does “not long” in Vaticanspeak translate into ordinary time period? :wink:


Thank you for the post, Thurifer2!


Why would anyone be unhappy about it? It is my understanding that it is not a mandate, but rather an allowance. Right now, the Vatican does not endorse or approve of the Tridentine Latin Mass, so when you go, it’s being disobedient to the Church. Once this is issued, you would no longer be disobedient. Your choices will grow. You will be able to find and attend Latin masses more easily if you’re a traditionalist, and do so without guilt or disobedience, and if you like things the way they are, then you’ve still got that. Nobody is taking it away.

Sounds like win - win to me.

Peace to all,



Methinks we will be happily surprised… :smiley:


Cough Ecclesia Dei


This does not change their status one iota.

The Archbishop Lefebvre was excommunicated for the ordination of Bishops (as were the Bishops he ordained). He was not excommunicated for wanting to celebrate the TLM.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Good one!!!


Not true. JPII asked the bishops for a “wide and generous” application of the 1962 Missal.

However, it wouldn’t hurt to reinforce the directive.


From where did you get that idea.

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