Vatican on the Morning After Pill


This is not just for Italy. It concerns the whold Catholic Church and all of its members.




*As is commonly known, the so-called *morning-after pill *recently went on sale in Italian pharmacies. It is a well-known chemical product (of the hormonal type) which has frequently - even in the past week - been presented by many in the field and by the mass media as a mere contraceptive or, more precisely, as an “emergency contraceptive”, which can be used within a short time after a presumably fertile act of sexual intercourse, should one wish to prevent the continuation of an unwanted pregnancy. The inevitable critical reactions of those who have raised serious doubts about how this product works, namely, that its action is not merely “contraceptive” but “abortifacient”, have received the very hasty reply that such concerns appear unfounded, since the morning-after pill has an “anti-implantation” effect, thus implicitly suggesting a clear distinction between abortion and *interception *(preventing the implantation of the fertilized ovum, i.e., the embryo, in the uterine wall). [LEFT]*Considering that the use of this product concerns fundamental human goods and values, to the point of involving the origins of human life itself, the Pontifical Academy for Life feels the pressing duty and definite need to offer some clarifications and considerations on the subject, reaffirming moreover already well-known ethical positions supported by precise scientific data and reinforced by Catholic doctrine. *[/LEFT]


Now if only all the Bishops would enforce this.


It was written nearly 8 years ago. Hope is dwindling.


Do the Bishops read what the Pope writes? Or is it just some side not in their life and ours? It saddens me that the teaching is out there and yet not enforced in our institutions.


It has recently been written into law in the state of Wisconsin that a victim of rape must be advised of the availability of this medication and if she ops for it it must be provided. The Catholic Bishops of Wisconsin and at least some of the right to life people gave it a by, if testing would show it was unlikely that the woman was pregnant or in her fertile period otherwise a Catholic Institution was not to provide it… Seems like a mighty narrow path to try to walk.


If she (a rape victim) is not pregnant, why would she need this?


She wouldn’t necessarily know if she was pregnant, presuming that the rape was reported in a timely fashion. It can only be taken up to 48 or 72 hours after intercourse, after that it is supposedly “unhelpful.”

I can sympathize with the women: when I was fourteen I was raped by an acquaintance. I can’t say now (or especially then, for that matter) that I would have enjoyed raising a baby born out of such violence. However, a good life can be taken by violence-why can’t one be born of it?

Also, on a side note, in the state I live in we are trying to pass a senate bill that will make it possible for pharmacists and doctors to conscientiously object to giving out such medication without putting their jobs in jeopardy. I say that if the bishops aren’t going to do anything about it (that we can see, maybe they work behind the scenes?) then things like this spearheaded by lay people are all we’ve got and we should get behind them full force. Prayer and Action work hand-in-hand!



How brave you must be.
I don’t know how I would have felt under those conditions but I do hope that I would have found the same kind of courage.


I wasn’t that brave. It took me years to turn my life from the bad things I’ve done after that. But now I’m back with the Church, and I’m engaged and hopefully I’ll find a better road to follow for the rest of my life.

Thank you, though.


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