Vatican outlines plan for Israeli-Palestinian prayer meeting [CWN]

Pope Francis, Israel’s President Shimon Peres, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will each offer prayers for peace in their own religious traditions at a meeting on June 8, the …


Wondering if a bishop was ever allowed to offer prayers at a Mosque.

I’ve never heard of a Christian prayer spoken in either a mosque or a synagogue. I’d be interested to hear of such an account, if anyone has one.

In any event, it looks as though this interfaith prayer session is being held on Vatican grounds, but I didn’t see where it said it would be held in a church.

Peres and Abbas will arrive at the Vatican separately, and the Pope will speak to each man privately before they join together for the service in the Vatican Gardens. The service will have three sections, with prayers for forgiveness and prayers for peace said in each of the three religious traditions

I’d be very uncomfortable to hear either a Muslim or a Jewish prayer recited in an actual church.

“The prayer service will also preserve the integrity of the separate religious traditions, noted Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the head of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, at the Vatican briefing. “We do not pray together, but we stay together to pray,” he said.”

Enough said.

This is an incredible time in which our church can help bring peace to a conflict that is thousands of years old.

Let us pray as well

I would be interested to know what Muslims have to say about this. Since it is their prayers that will be used, are they offended somehow? Are the prayers going to be said in Arabic or Farsi or Pakistani or Persian? Maybe Egyptian or Sudanese or Indonesian? If they’re going to be translated into Italian or Spanish (Pope Francis likes to use Spanish a lot, because it’s his native tongue), are the Muslims approving of the translation? Do they think this somehow is less than appropriate for their prayers to be used in this way? There might be a variety of replies. Certainly Francis would have checked out what reactions might arise before making this plan and announcement, but was the research sufficient?

It seems to me that his style is one of spontaneity and so, being spontaneous, Francis might be lunging into a prayer garden event that might not be looked upon by Muslims in the same way that Francis expects them to see it.

Trust that everything is being guided by the Holy Spirit to help promote peace, love and understanding.

After becoming acutely aware of all the pain and suffering in the world, such as the trauma of war and the pain and suffering that comes from extreme poverty, this sounds like a God-send.

LOVE! :heart:

Are we supposed to be following their example? Or should we be setting an example?

I met many Jews and Palestinians while in med school/residency. The amount of hatred/racism between the two groups here in the USA is incredible and mind-boggling (I’m talking about Jews and Palestinians who were raised here). I can only imagine what it is like in Israel/West bank/Gaza. I believe only the Pope can help bring an end to this conflict.

A classic demonstration in psychology involves placing two friendly cats into a cage, and then shocking the cats with electrical current from the floor of the cage. When first placed in the cage the cats are friendly towards each other, but when shocked, the cats immediately begin to attack each other. It does not, of course, take a college degree to have guessed this outcome. But what is remarkable are the ways in which this demonstration applies to humans as well. When “shocked,” we too usually misattribute the cause of our discomfort to others, usually those within closer proximity. It’s Satan who is applying the ‘shock’ to Jews and Muslims.

LOVE! :heart:

I am anxiously awaiting reports of this service, hoping nothing bad comes of it.

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