VATICAN - Pope calls for "our prayer" and "actual help" for the people of the Philippines [AN]

Filipino authorities estimate that Typhoon Haiyan may have killed 10,000 people. Before the Angelus, Francis spoke about eternal life, which is “another life in another dimension”. Eternity “enlightens and gives hope to the earthly life of each one of us,” whilst “death is behind us, behind and not in front of us. The God of the living is in front of us, the God that bears my name, and yours, yours, yours . . . the final defeat of sin and death, the beginning of a new time of joy and endless light.” Maria Theresia Bonzel is beatified in Paderborn. On the anniversary of the ‘Night of the Broken Glass’, the pontiff reiterates the Church’s closeness to its ‘elder brothers’, the Jews.


I think the numbers of dead will top 10,000, on the BBC there was mention of a possible 10,000 from one city/large town alone!

I was thinking of doubling my CAFOD direct debit, this will spur me on to do so this coming week! They are already in my prayers.

So sad. Prayers for the people of the Phillippines.

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