VATICAN - Pope Francis on Palm Sunday: Joy, Cross, Youth, waiting for Rio de Janeiro [AN]

The Pope begins the rites of the Holy Week. The meeting between the Pope and the crowd in silence and prayer. Joy born of our encounter with Jesus. An invitation not to be “discouraged”. The cross of Christ washes away personal sins and those of the world “wars, violence, economic conflicts that affect those who are weakest, greed for money, power, corruption, divisions, crimes against human life and against creation.” “We must never become accustomed to evil.” The invitation to young people to “carry the cross” to all “to tell everyone that on the cross Jesus broke down the dividing wall of enmity that separates peoples and nations, and brought reconciliation and peace.” Youth invited to the World Youth Day of Rio de Janeiro.


The Pope gave a great homily yesterday…He knows how to emphasize on what is important…the cross! and how we should carry our daily crosses with joy and youthful vigor.He also reminds us of the snares of the devil and thats very good because the devil loves to be discrete and hates when people are aware of him.
Lets pray that we follow Christ with a sincere repentant heart during this holy week and lets pray for our pope!

Good timing with WYD being in Brazil with the first Latin American Pope. Wish I could go, I bet it’ll be pretty amazing.

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