VATICAN - Pope: I'm happy, "absolutely happy", I learned from my mistakes and I'm afraid only of myself [AN]

Francis’ responses to a group of young Belgians who interviewed him. Love for the poor, “I heard that someone, said that this Pope is a communist. But that’s wrong. It is a commandment from the Gospel, not from communism”. “In this moment in history, man is pushed out of the centre. He has been pushed to the periphery, and the center - at least right now - is power, money and we must work for people, for man and woman, who is the image of God”.


Lots of great quotes by our Pope. I recommended it!

Why aren’t more of us “absolutely happy”? It seems like a lot of us go around with a dark cloud over our heads, crying and lamenting over the state of the world. We can learn a lot from Pope Francis!

The apostles who abandoned Christ during his passion because of fear and sorrow, showed the error we Catholics always make when suffering in the midst of sin, only Mary had that absolute peace, while suffering at the same time in her deepest sorrows at the crucifixion because she knew by faith, of the resurrection to come.

When we mature as Catholics and grow in faith and the more we learn about the realities of this world through Catholic eyes, there is a temptation to lament too much, and become intimidated by evil – forgetting that Jesus will never leave us orphans, that he told us, as followers, that we will have suffering and trials (societal assaults on the Kingship of Christ - oppression of the poor, euthanasia, assault on the family ) we can not forget to faithfully trust in him to hear our prayers, as we members of the body of Christ witness the wages of sin and the costly decisions against God. God sees them too. Speaking for myself, I know I’ve forgotten this, and my peace is disturbed when seeing scandals, forgetting that God is with us, when we see these things.

Notice that Pope Francis talks about a realistic happiness, as long as we have the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity then the Joy of Christ can’t be extinguished, even when we are suffering, by choosing to walk with God. The holy father doesn’t deny that he recognizes the strife in the world, and he doesn’t deny that he still suffers in witness to it.

There’s a certain interior peace, a strong sense of peace, of happiness, that comes with age.** But it’s a road that has always had problems. Even now there are problems but this happiness doesn’t go away because of the problems. No, it sees the problems, suffers because of them and then goes forward, it does something to resolve them and goes ahead**. But in the depth of my heart there is this peace and happiness. It’s truly a grace from God, for me. It’s a grace and it’s not through my own merit.”

IT’s one thing to observe the crises in the Church and outside of it. It’s another thing to become stuck in the sorrow and to be too pessimistic about the power of Evil within and without the Church. It’s the second part we forget to do: while suffering, to be moved to embrace hope over despair. God’s timing is not our timing, so we give our faith, prayers , and cooperation in the face of the appearance of the “Strength” of evil.

Knowing that our Holy Father, has a realistic happiness can only strengthen us faithful sheep.

Because it is not the fake kind of “absolute happiness” that the world promotes and false liberal Christianity of a happy-go lucky non-suffering Christ, where one is never moved or righteously angry at injustice of Sins, of foolish optimism, that counterfeit peace of indifference & negligence concerning the peril of souls – nor is it the fake “absolute happiness” of perpetual security from suffering of the Church, from some Traditionalists where overcome by fear, they demand God & his Vicar grant shelter for one’s eyes to see, and no storms, that Christ’s face not be bloodied up, that the Church not suffer the same way he has. They fall for the error of Peter at Mt. Tabor, where they want God’s permanent transfiguration in this life, and permanent manifestation of Church glory to her enemies.

Absolute Happiness is when we as Christians are given the grace to have perfect love cast out all fear, hence the Holy Father, reiterating Pope John Paul II’s insistence on those strengthening words of Christ < Be Not Afraid.

As Catholics crying and lamenting over the state of the world, is not unexpected, it is part of Christ’s agony in the garden, and we are not going to be exempt from that.* " Blessed are those who Mourn "
It’s the perfect love we forget. The second half, which is faith in the Resurrection. That we still on Earth will have a veil over our eyes, for we live by Faith, as St. Paul reminds, not by sight and perpetual assurance through our own individual discernment of Church crises in each century.

That peace only comes from the Blessed Mother, who suffered and at the same time, was the only follower of Christ at Calvary who knew she’d see her son again on Sunday.

It seems the Holy Father is given graces from the Blessed Mother to profess that kind of peace he refers to of ‘absolute happiness.’

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