VATICAN - Pope: Jesus' call to conversion for Christians who are "lukewarm", "comfortable" or "only concerned with appearances" [AN]

“Feeling spiritually comfortable is a state of sin.” "When conversion reaches our pockets, its certain. Christians in heart? Yes, everyone is. Christians by blood? All of us. However, Christians with pockets, very few ". The Church calls us to remember the Word of God, appeals to our memory, to be custody it, to be vigilant, and also to obey the Word of God, so that we can begin a new life, converted ".


they obey the letter of the law and ignore the heart.
I believe Pope Francis is correct. I have a brother, 2 brother’s in law and a sister in law
that fit the description of call to conversion 1,2 and 3. They only do what they have to do
but their attitudes are so politically to the left and liberal. For example, they are pro-abortion (and they are catholic) and they are for civil gay unions and obamacare (which I
am opposed). they do not pray on a daily basis and my brother doesn’t even go to mass
on Sundays but is always trying to show me that he loves the church and the pope and
his teachings. I pray for them daily as I do all my family members and what is needed
I will reiterate is a “conversion of heart” so they can have more fervor and really have
the desire to serve the Lord and others and not in their self centered hearts.

Being in the state of grace is not a sin.

The outward matter of the Mass is a stimulant to piety and is of course the body and blood of Christ.

Please explain what spiritually comfortable means.

I finally feel comfortable, what’s going on!

One would hope that the Peace of Christ that we offer each other would be a source of real comfort and peace of mind.

There is no greater peace of mind than a clear conscience.

Amen. It amazes me how often peace of mind is confused with the state of not being engaged, just coasting, being agreeable, or, “positive.” Maybe that is what the Pope is getting at here.


The article seems to have more context, that he was referring more to people who feel that they can go through motions and never worry about sinning. It sounds like a form of Protestant “eternal security” where you don’t really worry about daily conversion. I think that’s the kind of spiritual “comfort” he sounds like he means.

I believe you are correct. Here’s a good article for any seeking to go deeper on this:

Thank You both.

I was getting worried.

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