VATICAN - Pope: Jesus teaches us to put the needs of the poor before our own [AN]

At the Angelus Pope Francis speaks of the “three messages” contained in the “sign” of the multiplication of the loaves: compassion, sharing, Eucharist. Compassion is “identification with the suffering of others to take them upon ourselves. This is how Jesus suffers with us, suffers for us.” “How often do we turn away so as not to have to look at the poor. This is another – yellow bellied way to say: Deal with it on your own! This is selfishness”. Taking part in the Eucharist “with the Christ’s sentiments”.


I’m having a hard time understanding this Pope. I don’t seem to be alone, and I think the reason for all the frustration from certain people. Part of his sermon was wonderful, but I seem to remember some of our more progressive thinking Priests giving the same type of thoughts about this particular passage…the ‘miracle’ was not about the multiplication of the loaves and fish, it was about the sharing and generosity of the people with each other. THAT, was the only miracle. I personally heard my Pastor from a few years back say: "There was NO MULTIPLICATION OF FOOD.:rolleyes: In a certain similar sense, the Pope said the same thing. “It wasn’t a magic trick”. Sometimes I think we’d be better off if modern communication weren’t so fast as lightening. Maybe we would be better off ‘in the dark’ so to speak.:whistle:

I love it - made my day. :wink:

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