VATICAN - Pope: Mary Immaculate teaches us silence, grace and joy [AN]

In the act of veneration of the Immaculate in Piazza di Spagna, Benedict XVI said that big things, like Mary’s Annunciation, occur in silence and go unnoticed in the “frenzy that characterise our cities.” Through grace, Mary reminds us that the “power of God’s love is stronger than evil, that it can fill the void that selfishness creates in the history of people,” which “can become hell”. For the pope, “Christianity” is a religion of joy, “good tidings,” even if some believe it is an obstacle to joy because they see in it an ensemble of prohibitions and rules. . . .] Jesus is the joy of Mary and the Church."


On EWTN I saw a nice movie on the life of John Duns Scotus and his intellectual dispute on the subject of the Immaculate Conception (hundreds of years before it was a declared dogma) with “opposing” (for the debate on an open question of faith at the time) Catholic scholars at the University of Paris … and judged by Papal delegates.

Interesting and insightful. And it was a nice piece for reminding us to temper our intellect with charity and humility.

There are times too I suppose when warnings are given in the Holy Spirit and these are
not timid and unsure things, but sometimes bold and direct.

Generally these tend to be more directed at the SIN and not a single person. Though Jesus chastised cities (Capernaum, Jerusalem) and sometimes groups of people in error (Scribes and Pharisees) and scripture does get to using some pretty powerful language at times ( such as “brood of vipers” or “Ignoramus” < -(St. James to those preaching a faith without works - etc.).

The Immaculate Heart is a joyful thing and we think of Mary’s Magnificat prayer’s soaring
praise of God. Yet later in the same prayer come warnings to the proud and promises to the meek.

The Blessed Virgin IS silent many times (as the Pope calls us to see) when she ponders things in her heart. Then too, when she speaks she says MUCH in those few words, and
often, the world is changed through the fruit of what comes next. Be it done unto me. Do whatever He tells you. Sums up a great deal of the Christian faith. As does searching for Him when we “lose” Him and finding Him in His Father’s house! :slight_smile:

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