VATICAN - Pope: the Church is "Jesus' home" whose doors are always open which the Christian community cannot close [AN]

How many times today, someone who has made a mistake but decides “to go” finds the doors to Christian communities closed. “But you cannot, no, you cannot [come in]. You have sinned and you cannot [come in]. If you want to come, come to Mass on Sunday, but that is it - that is all you can do.’ So, what the Holy Spirit creates in the hearts of people, those Christians with the mind-set of ‘doctors of the law’ destroy.”


I don’t understand the point of this article. Isn’t confession still for sinners?

I remember Raniero Cantalamessa. I think it was his book Sober Intoxication of the Spirit but I do not have my books with me and I am awful with the names of books…
The man at the pool of Betsaida waited outside the pool. He could not get in by himself so he could not be the first one to get into the pool to be healed when the angel stirred the water.
The message I got and I get now is let there be no one outside waiting to be healed because there is no one to get him/ her into the pool to be healed. Be our brothers’ keeper, lift our brothers lovingly to be healed. And Cantalamessa said something like let us be the angels that stir the waters so that not only the first one but everyone who is waiting to be healed may be taken into those loving waters.
I apologize I do not have the book to quote Raniero C.
I thought it was a beautiful message then,I still do.

“This hurts me,” the pope noted because the Church, he added, always keeps its doors open. “It is Jesus’ home and Jesus welcomes [everyone]. But not only does He welcome, He goes out to see people just as He went out to find this man. And if people are hurt, what does Jesus do? Scold them because they are hurt? No, He comes and He carries them on His shoulders. This is called mercy. When God rebukes his people - ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice!’ - He is talking about this.”


The message I got was Confession with be readily available for all coming. It was on EWTN last night. :smiley:

Well, praise God for this, at least! :slight_smile:
See if this helps. Confession ,mercy…
Be at peace !

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