VATICAN - Pope: " The Lord is calling me to "climb the mountain", to devote myself even more to prayer and meditation” To continue to serve the Church. [AN]

Last Angelus of Benedict XVI, who in all languages thanks faithful for their affection, solidarity and above all for their prayers. A massive crowd attends. Commenting on the Gospel story of the Transfiguration he emphasizes “the primacy of prayer, without which all the work of the apostolate and of charity is reduced to activism” and that to pray is not to isolate oneself from the world and its contradictions."


One recalls Blessed John Paul II as a mystic whose legendary prayer-life reached the point of heroic legend. It is gratifying to read that his successor is also a man of profound spirituality who is about to embark on his own transcendent prayer journey.

We should all pray for this man as a gesture of reciprocity and respect , as it is clear that his loving prayer intentions will be for all us " living stones " who make up the body of the Church.

Thank you , Pope Benedict XVI.

Beautiful :thumbsup: :smiley: :slight_smile:

I saw the Angelus live on CNN this morning–beautiful.

I admire the Pope for resigning and for wanting to devote his life to prayer after he resigns.

I just dearly love this Pope. He is humble and courageous, but I guess we knew that already even before this announcement of his resignation. He is a man of deep spirituality and conviction and we can be assured of his prayers for the Church of Christ, as he needs to be assured of ours for him. Be assured we don’t know the half it as it pertains to the battles he has fought in the name of Christ and His Church. He’s got to be literally exhausted in every way. May God Bless him abundantly with his love and comfort.

what on earth was alongside the colonnade underneath the Pope’s window? Is that construction they’re doing?


Leading by action, to a quiet life of prayer, meditation, and contemplation, Pope Benedict is setting a wonderful example for all of us. I’m sure many will seek a greater prayer life inspired by his example. I would love to retire and spend more time in peace and tranquility.

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