VATICAN - Pope: "The washing of the feet", "a gesture of love, of service" to remind us that "we must be servants of one another" [AN]

Francis celebrates “in Coena Domini” Mass at the Don Gnocchi Foundation. He washes and kisses the feet of 12 people of different ages, of different disabilities different religious affiliations, three foreigners and nine Italians.


Isn’t this ritual only meant for males? Jesus washed the feet of his 12 disiples-- all men. So before I get severely chastised on this forum, I’m simply curious.

The ritual is meant for humanity. The Apostles were all male and were the ones in the upper room. The priesthood is for males, but to have ones feet washed is a symbol of Christ’s washing of our souls. It meant for all people.

Liturgical Law sepecifically states that the foot washing is for males only.

Since the Pope is the supreme legislator of the Church, he is not subject to Liturgical Law the way everyone else is, so he personally can dispense with the law for himself, which he has done. In other words, he can lawfully/validly choose to not follow this law.

The Pope also has the ability to change this law if he wants, and he has not done this. Since the law remains unchanged, all the rest of us are still bound by it.

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