VATICAN - Pope: “We are appalled by such barbarity” and "use of the name of God" to justify violence "is blasphemy!" [AN]

Jesus is “the only victorious power and the only fixed point in the midst of the turmoil and tragedies of this world.” “Our final goal is our encounter with the Risen Lord. We do not know a time or a place, but we encounter a person: Jesus. Therefore, the problem is not ‘when’ this will happen, the warning signs of the end times, but being ready. It’s not about knowing ‘how’ these things will happen, but ‘how’ we must act now, while we are waiting for them”.


"The triumph of Jesus at the end of time will be the triumph of the Cross, proof that the sacrifice of oneself for love of neighbor, in imitation of Christ, is the only victorious power and the only fixed point in the midst of the turmoil and tragedies of the world… I want to strongly reaffirm that the path of violence and hatred does not solve the problems of humanity and the use of God’s name to justify this is blasphemy! "

Nicely stated!

I agree.

I think that another Papal inter-religious conference- especially with Muslim leaders- might do some good. Especially in combating the notion (common here on CAF) that Islam is intrinsically linked with violence.


Blasphemy is a word that could apply for both.
That would render ISIS as off limits of religion.
By the same token, it would render Christianity off limits to undertake a similar path in the name of God.
In my limited mind,we are persons.And persons are being killed by terrorism,fundamentalism. It is a humanitarian issue beyond flags,race,religion.
ISIS has to be stopped. It’s sources of power have to be stopped.
And recruiting in the name of religion too.
Blasphemy is a strong word.
I am thinking aloud.

I read, or heard, once - I don’t remember where - that the bulk of sin involves stealing; the taking by someone of something that belongs to another. Murder is the taking of a life, adultery is the taking of affection, gossip is the taking of reputation… In this context, ISIL is nothing more than a group of thieves who have stolen the integrity of Islam.

:)True, and beautifully stated.:thumbsup:

Im kind of surprised we havent seen a person who seems to have a great solution to end all this violence… just as the bible said there would be…(antichrist)…so wheres he at? The world is primed and ready…

I used to tell my catechism kids that when they were acting up, they were stealing my time that was devoted to them. Good way to teach about stealing. Good to think of it this way, as you post above.

Regarding the stealing of integrity of a religion. To learn about a religion it’s a good idea to read their book - in this case the Koran. No other way.

And to read it in its own language, Arabic.

Have you done that??

It is not impossible to translate Arabic into English. Similar translations have already been made for the Bible from more ancient forms of Hebrew, and Greek too.

Rather, they have stolen the integrity of God. They have used the name of the Lord God in vain, carried his name around as their rallying flag, and committed rape, and torture, and murder in the name of God.

Whether or not they have stolen the integrity of Islam is for Muslims to decide.It is not a Christian’s place to tell Muslims what the nature of their religion is.

The Bible itself in the form of the Ten Commandments singles out that sin as one that will make forgiveness hard, to impossible.

It has probably been a mistake not to recognize Islamic fundamentalism for what it is when it becomes a militant ideology.

Hit the nail on the head there Papa Francis.

I think it’s time to begin the war against radical Islamism within our own borders. Eradicate this “blasphemy” at home, entirely, and without fear.

It sounds important that those youth who might be thinking of joining the ranks of ISIS understand through their own religious leaders that it is not only not religion but blasphemy.
Truth from within their understanding.
An analyst here whose insight I agree with from day one says that ISIS gives youth a sense of identity,an ideal.
They sort of put a flag on their empty hands and wounded hearts.
I pray the Synod of the family also helps us love and guide our own in faith and love and service to the most vulnerable.
I am thinking with you,Landon.



No, but I’m sure my neighbors have. I live less than a half-mile from a mosque.

I also live within 10 minutes of a Maronite church. A lot of Arabic there too. :slight_smile:

How many atheists have just read the Bible and concluded “no thanks”? A religion is more than just its particular book.

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