VATICAN - Pope: We must "test" our thoughts and desires to see if something comes from Christ or the antichrist [AN]

“Our heart always has desires, cravings, thoughts”. But “are these the Lord’s, or do some of them distance us from the Lord?” . “The criterion is the Incarnation of the Word. The Word became flesh: this is Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ who became man, God made man, He humbled Himself , humbled Himself to love, to serve us all.”


“That is the way of Jesus Christ: to humble Himself, humility, even humiliation. If a thought, if a desire leads you to follow that road of humility and abasement, of service to others, it is of Jesus, but if it takes you on the road self sufficiency, vanity, pride , on the road of abstract thought , it is not of Jesus. We only have to think of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness: all three propositions that the devil makes to Jesus are propositions that would lead Him away from that path, the path of service, humility , humiliation, charity. But charity done with His life , no? Jesus says no to the three temptations: ’ no, this is not my road!’”.


"We should “test” our thoughts and desires to see if something helps us to “abide in the Lord or distances us from Him”, if it comes from Christ or the antichrist , “because many false prophets have come into the world . Prophets, prophecies and proposals”. -Pope Francis as written in OP article

I emphasized the part that stands out to me. Think about the new proposals people have been asking about, especially the ones the Pope said “no” to.

This is very very very very Ignatian.:thumbsup:

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