Vatican recognises International Association of Exorcists

From La Stampa:

The International Association of Exorcists (IAE) now has a legal status. Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano reports that the Congregation for the Clergy approved the association’s statutes and recognized it under Canon Law (Canon 322, paragraph 1) on 13 June 2014.

The IAE is now recognised as a private international association of faithful in accordance with Canon 116, paragraph 2 and has all the rights and obligations stated within the Code.

The idea of creating an association of exorcists was introduced in Italy by Gabriele Amorth, a priest from the Society of St. Paul, towards the end of the last century. Occult practices were becoming more widespread at the time and a growing number of faithful who felt they were in danger or threatened, turned to exorcists. Fr. Amorth therefore had the idea of bringing exorcists together to exchange experiences and reflections in order to offer more concrete and efficient assistance to those who turned to them for help. Thus, the Italian association of exorcists was born on 4 September 1991. In 1993 Fr. Amorth and other Italian exorcists attended a convention organized by French exorcist René Chenessau and the theologian René Laurentin. The experience was positive and was repeated in Ariccia, Italy, in 1994. Here, it was decided that these international meetings would take place every two years. Fr. Amorth was elected president of the organizational structure and a draft statute for an international organization was drawn up.

In these days, sadly, this is more and more necessary.

Which, the legal stuff or the need for exorcisms?


My pastor told me that the USCCB has been having a lot of priests sent to Rome to become trained exorcists. The most trained since before VII

Scary stuff

The faithful are indeed under threat. People keep looking at the worldly pressures we face, but the spiritual front is far more dangerous. I’m glad the Church has recognized the need for more exorcists.

Exorcists definitely seem to be getting more attention and recognition from the Church lately. I’m glad they are.

I always saw this stuff as a mix of superstition and mental illness. Perhaps I need to rethink it. Maybe I’ll finally get around to reading Fr. Amorth’s book.

We know the devil has worldly influence and can’t die but demonic possession is an entirely different thing, sometimes difficult to prove. And exorcisms aren’t guarantees that they will work. And then which rite will they use? Pope Benedict (I think it was he) permitted the older rite to be used.

Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph 1673 deals with exorcism.

Very wise of him as the new rite was changed to a substantial degree from what I understand.
Fr. Amorth refused to use it.

Christ Himself speaks often of the devil and the demonic. Christ Himself performed numerous exorcisms during His earthly life. So if we accept Christ as the Son of God and Sacred Scripture as the inspired word of God, then we must accept the presence of the demonic and the real tragedy of demonic possession.

Amen. And we ain’t seen nuttin yet! Even So, come Lord Jesus!

My understanding is that the Church exorcists investigate first and ensures that the person in question is not mentally ill. I agree with this, because if they didn’t they would end up like Bob Larson (Protestant exorcist), assuming that pretty much everyone they meet has ‘demons’ and probably adding to the distress of people who are simply suffering from mental/emotional problems.

Thanks for the link!

Can anyone tell me if Bob larson is a genuine exorcist… He did get invited to the Vatican by Gabriel Amorth. I find it disturbing that his exorcisms are up on YouTube,

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