Vatican refuses to share sex abuse investigations with U.N. panel

(Reuters) - The Vatican refused to provide a United Nations rights panel with information on the Church’s internal investigations into the sexual abuse of children by clergy, saying on Tuesday that its policy was to keep such cases confidential.

I better not say what I want to say. I don’t want to get tarred and feathered off this forum… since I just signed up here tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll stand back and hear what the Catholics have to say on this.

It should be kept confidential. It’s none of their business quite frankly.

Surprisingly I actually find myself agreeing with him. The article states that he would fully cooperate with legal proceedings and a legal request by the state/government. Cases such as these should be confidential and should not be told to any organisation.

The questions from the panel aimed to assess the Church’s adherence to the 1990 U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, a treaty guaranteeing a full range of human rights for children which the Holy See has signed.

And there we have it. Did the Holy See not think it would be held accountable according to the Convention it signed off on?


The UN is way too political. There’s no way any confidential information given to it would stay that way. Turning it over wouldn’t help anyone.

I don’t blame the Vatican, for a variety of reasons, but the U.N. is one of the last groups I would share much of anything.

Then don’t sign treaties obligating you to do so.

The Church signed a treaty with the UN requiring it to submit all Church investigations to them?

In some circumstances, yes. But this investigation is trying to get the results of an internal investigation that undoubtedly includes information on children in other countries which may or may not be signatories to the treaty and which dealt with many issues that have nothing to do with the treaty. The panel seems to want to use the Vatican as a “middle man” in its investigation. I don’t think the treaty requires a state to participate in that kind of activity.

Of course, all we have to base this on right now is a news report. :shrug:

IMHO I believe we the Catholic Church MUST be open about all sex abuse investigations and show to the entire world once and for all that we know these things are wrong and we are putting it right. We as a church pray for all those victims and for mercy for the perpetrators but we absolutely must get this right and be open and prosecute those who have committed these gross atrocities.
I pray Pope Francis will make available to all legal authorites any information needed. I pray Our Lord will guide Pope Francis and all church leaders

Why not release their investigation regarding child abuse? Show us all that steps were taken immediately to stop the abuse, to get rid of the perverts and protect others from abuse.
This is the Universal Church that listens to what the Pope, in Rome, says. The Holy See should be overjoyed to show us all the urgent steps they took.

I, for one, believe this is a great opportunity for the truth to be presented.

:thumbsup: I completely agree

This a very grave issue, and a very grave sin.

Christ pick up a child and say to His apostles, “anyone who receive this child receive me”. (Free translation from my memory.) This act can be understood in many ways, but I see it like this: Christ who are God, The Son and The Holy Spirit, one God, tell us that a child is innocent and therefore a crime and sin against The Holy Spirit. That means that a crime against a child is almost the same as one against The Holy Spirit and therefor also maybe not a sin that can be forgiven.

It is possible that The Holy See understand that what ever have happen is too delicate to be solved in the limelights of the press. We must remember that many of those children are alive and they carry with them both confusion and fear that they are forced to once more rip up wounds they have. I don’t think or believe that The Vatican want to let those responsible go unpunished, nor can they be, they will meet God one day. I am certain that the people who did commit these terrible and horrific deeds will not get away with their crime, The Vatican have a valid reason to deal with this issue in a way where those poor victims will not be a “field day” for the press. If this is the right way to do it is something we all need to think about, long and hard.

In a matter like this we ought to keep in mind that as Catholics we in a way represent The Catholic Church and therefor pray for the victims, understand that The Church are in a very tight spot and need our prayers as well, and what is most important, make sure something like this will never happen again, and in all this confusion be able to not accuse those who are innocent, and for once try to stay united as Catholics and understand that we may never will know what The RCC have done to solve this matter and therefor don’t comment on issues we don’t know or maybe even understand.

I suggest that we all offer our Rosary prayer to the victims so that they once again will have faith in a God that is good and loving.

I’m not sure why identifying information about those involved cannot simply be redacted and the report made available. What would happen if there were a legal request by a state - surely names would not be publicized?

I fail to see why the Vatican should share information on investigations and why the U.N. needs to have that information!? :confused: Investigations are exploring allegations, gathering facts, etc. When they are found to be credible and legal procedings take place, it is a matter of public record. The U.N. can find out when that happens like the rest of us. I don’t see what advantage anyone, including the UN could have in obtaining that information. As we know, not every allegation is true. I think the Vatican is doing the right thing by not giving that up.

Even if it means breaking confidentiality? Remember this isn’t a legal investigation where prosecutions will be made? If it was and it was the local state/government authority requesting info then absolutely!

You guys go to confession right? How would you feel if the UN demanded the church released all confession stories…after all it will involve padeophiles, murderers etc etc…you don’t know what other people have confessed. You can’t just break confidentiality for absolutely any reason and to anyone…their and rules and regulations to follow.


Unless I’m mistaken, you can’t release information obtained under confession for any reason. So it that is the problem, it would surely be the simplest thing to say. What I understand the Vatican as saying is this: we’ll only give if requested by a state via court order.

As horrible as the situation is with the abuse cases, I agree. Mainly because the UN has no buisness or juridiction. Allow the countries to deal with this themselves.

The Vatican signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990. Nobody forced them to sign the Convention.

Article 44

  1. States Parties undertake to submit to the Committee [the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child], through the Secretary-General of the United Nations, reports on the measures they have adopted which give effect to the rights recognized herein and on the progress made on the enjoyment of those rights

(a) Within two years of the entry into force of the Convention for the State Party concerned;

(b) Thereafter every five years.

  1. Reports made under the present article shall indicate factors and difficulties, if any, affecting the degree of fulfilment of the obligations under the present Convention. Reports shall also contain sufficient information to provide the Committee with a comprehensive understanding of the implementation of the Convention in the country concerned.
  1. A State Party which has submitted a comprehensive initial report to the Committee need not, in its subsequent reports submitted in accordance with paragraph 1 (b) of the present article, repeat basic information previously provided.
  1. The Committee may request from States Parties further information relevant to the implementation of the Convention.
  1. The Committee shall submit to the General Assembly, through the Economic and Social Council, every two years, reports on its activities.
  1. States Parties shall make their reports widely available to the public in their own countries.

The list of questions from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to the Vatican - July 2013:

And the response of the Vatican - Nov 25, 2013:

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