Vatican rejects gender fluidity in new catechetical text

This does not negate real psychological problems of gender dysphoria, the Vatican acknowledges, but these issues should not lead to a denial of human nature.


Look imma say my story my mom is amazing she is literally God send I had issues when I was little that now I’m seeing someone for but my mom overcame every obstical I had with me (sorry not using punctuation I’m in a hurry) I go to my mom said I wish I was a boy I don’t want to have periods or go into labor lol she sat me down and said okay well do you want a thing hitting your side of your leg when you walk… instantly I said no and I’m so glad she guided me away from that. I was the only girl on my basket ball team all my guys were friends besides a few and I was one of the guys naturally I’m going to feel like maybe I’m meant to be a guy but I was still girly today I’m really girly and I’m glad my mom didn’t direct me into that confusion. I think we need to stop making it seem bad to be against transgender as a faith based especially at a young age kids know what they want boy or girl sees sparkles they love it girl or boy sees monster truck or explosions they will like it because it attracts them for the excitement I have a friend who’s drag and he’s pretty well known in my town he told me he wishes he wasn’t gay because married men boyfriends fetished driven men would message him it was hard especially since he lost his mom at 19… i think at a young age you need to not influence them if they feel a certain way but to consol them and get to know why and how and listen to them make them feel validated as a person that’s when you get all this tricky emotionally psychological stuff come in and their so young they can’t process even more of what you added into it. Be a straight edge for them and later in life after they are developed able to make own choices and decisions good or bad they will see the truth this doesn’t mean to condemn them make the child feel validated once a person feels heard and listened to they will feel validated and once they are sure and feel more confident in themselves nothing will shake them again I love this topic because there is a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings on either end


Thank God the Church still speaks the truth.
But don’t expect it to change anyone’s mind, it will simply be fuel for persecution.


I’m very glad. I have been quite uneasy during this pontificate but maybe that’s just my human weakness/lack of faith in the Lord’s promises.

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This will probably fall on deaf ears.

I don’t think many Catholics give a hoot what the church says, or teaches.

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