Vatican Rejects Homosexual Militant as French Ambassador to the Holy See

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman VATICAN CITY, October 8, 2008 ( - After refusing to accept the appointments of a homosexual militant and a divorcée as ambassador from France to the Holy See, the Vatican has acceded to the appointment of a Catholic in good standing with the…

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Aaaah, La Belle France what can one say?Once the most Catholic of countries now the most secular.It was obviously a deliberate slight(actually two)
How can one be a semi-practicing Catholic?Is this along the lines of theJoe Biden,Nancy Pelosi,Stephane Dion,kind of semi-practising Catholic?Oh well at least HE’S honest.

Sarkozy should have known better. As a Catholic, he is well aware of the Church teaching regarding homosexuality. To appoint a militant homosexual as Abassador to the Holy See can only be interpreted as an act of defiance. I interpret this as such because Sarkozy is trying to enforce all countries to decriminilise homosexuality and sodomy.

I am pleased that the Church authorities stood firm and did not compromise any of their principals.

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