Vatican releases names of all participants in upcoming Synod [CWN]

The Holy See Press Office has released the names of all the participants in the 14th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which begins on October 4.The Vatican has …


See Vaatican release. Looks like quite a number of women toward the end of the list for those wondering.

Searched for a couple names: Did not see Cardinals Oullet or Burke.

What is the technical term for this synod since not “ecumenical.”

Let the gossip begin…


I believe it is simply called an Ordinary General Assembly. There are also extraordinary and special assemblies.

The topic for this particular assembly is the vocation of the family. So they will probably be elaborating on V2. I’m not expecting anything exciting or ground shaking. I doubt the Forum is gonna get jumped when this thing comes out.

Archbishop Cordileone (San Francisco) is Chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Subcommittee for the Defense of Marriage. Since this is the Synod on the FAMILY, I thought that he would be invited :confused: :o

Cardinal Raymond Burke & Archbishop Athanasius Schneider are also missing…

LUKE 18:8 :highprayer::signofcross::gopray2:


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