Vatican Removes Reference to 'Psychiatric Help' for Gay Kids


The Vatican changes the text of the words of Pope Francis’ in their reports from time to time.

They decided to take this portion out about “psychistric help” concerning the text of what Pope Francis actually recently said on the jet about children who . . . “come(s) out as gay”.


Vatican Removes Reference to ‘Psychiatric Help’ for Gay Kids

By The Associated Press

  • Aug. 28, 2018

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican has scrubbed from the official transcript of Pope Francis’ in-flight press conference a comment that young gay children might seek psychiatric help.

Francis was asked Sunday what he would tell a father whose child comes out as gay. Francis said he would . . .

. . . . there are a lot of things to be done, either with psychiatric help, or. to see how things are. While it is something else when it shows 20 years later."

The transcript on the Vatican website removed the “either with psychiatric help” phrase. . . .


wheres the actual vatican document


Roseeurekacross . . .

wheres the actual vatican document

I don’t know.

But you can watch it yourself if you want.

From FRANCE 24 English . . .

Pope Francis advises gay children and their parents to seek psychiatric help


From The Hindustan Times

Pope Francis on Monday said that parents of gay children shouldn’t condemn or ignore them, but added that psychiatric help may be needed if a young child exhibits “turmoil”.


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This change is significant because I think this faithless movement in the Church will move swiftly towards its goal…very swiftly.

After he took the morsel, Satan entered him. So Jesus said to him, “What you are going to do, do quickly.” John 13:27


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