Vatican 's seemingly deafening silence


I’ve spent a great deal of my time looking into high level corruption across the broad spectrum of American politics. Though I am myself from the UK. I’m aware that much of what happens on the global scale is a result of American foreign policy - a very much corrupt foreign policy. Much suspicion has been leveled at the current U.S administration on the official story regarding the tragic events of 9/11 with much of this suspicion coming from a long list of credible individuals well placed enough to be too readily cast aside as conspiratorial nuts. But setting that issue aside. De-classified files now made publically available detailed shocking clarity how much of what the general public regarded as terrorist or hostile activity towards the U.S was actually orchestrated by the very Intelligence agencies set up to protect the country on thewith full knowledge and backing or in some cases on order by the American admin. Take ’ Operation Northwoods’, a classic example of government sponsored terrorism against its own citizens as a pretext for invading Cuba. then there’s the ’ Gulf of Tonkin Incident’ which led to the terrible chaos in Vietnam. I could list more, such as say the secretive Gladio operations carried out by European intel agencies also, which was born out of the ultra high level masonic P2 masonic order. All the above is public knowledge , though not made glaringly public ofcourse. What were talking about here, is a public being treated as cattle and a means of collateral to achieve an objective by their elected leaders, and in the most blood curlingly chilling way.

The American administration over the decades whether it be on the Right or Left has had most of their members exposed as members of the ultra secrtetive ultra elite Skull & Bones fraternity, which has been said to have to have deep roots in aspects of the occult. How is it that the Unites States, a supposedly democratic beacon to the world a population of over 250 M citizens and yet the two individuals who ran for President in 2000 happen to be members of S&B namely G.W Bush and Senator J. Kerry.
Many of these same individuals also attend the once denied (until it was exposed) ‘Bohemian Grove’ which, due to being caught by an infiltrator who filmed the goings on at the location, admit to partaking in an occult ritual each year which involves a mock human sacrifice before a 45 foot owl carving. Now to anyone reading this far i can imagine must be thinking … “OK OK… cue the twilight zone soundtrack” But it has been admitted to although ofcourse this strangely doen’t merit any media attention, although they put it down to high jinks and “just good fun”. The footage of which can be found on Google video “Behind Bohemian Grove”.

What concerns me most about the above is why the Vatican has remained silent about it. I don’t believe for a minute that it is un-informed or unaware . And it makes me question the sincerity of the Holy See as to not view these as reasons to call a conclave to seriously ponder where democracy in the west is truly heading.


The Vatican doesn’t comment of crazy conspiracy theories, no matter how unentertaining and bad they are.


[SIGN]The Vatican doesn’t comment of crazy conspiracy theories, no matter how unentertaining and bad they are.[/SIGN]

Please, do tell me where in any of what I said is conspiratorialy crazy ?

Please see below :

Or just choose to live in denial.


Wikipedia? What kind of research is done using Wikipedia as a reliable source?:confused:


:rotfl: :rotfl: conspiracy theories…of course.


Here, read this to help a bit on reliable sources. It’s a start.


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