Vatican Science

That’s right. The Church does science.

It seems that the Church is studying and learning about some things that some would say are outside of its purview. I am tired of the arguments that invoke plumbing or some other skill where, supposedly, since one cannot prove anything about God through them, it renders any statements about God and science unanswerable.

Whereas the world says, this is science over here and religion is over there, the Catholic Church looks at and synthesizes both. Why is there argument over “religious” views in the public square? Why is it that those who espouse “science” as the only worthy element of debate or means to guide social policy complain about religious influence? Could it be because religion, as it does with embryonic stem cells, and the sexual behavior of human beings, actually combines science with divine revelation to give everyone, not just believers, a look at the truth?

For me, there will be no more statements that ask, Are you going to ask your plumber to find God for you? The Church provides me with both science and divine revelation in one statement, which does affect how I live in the world, both physically and spiritually.

God bless,

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