Vatican shows Ron Howard the gate

I didn’t know that there was going to be a sequel to the DaVinci Code. I am glad to see that something is being done from the Vatican side. Very interesting to see if there is going to be something in the secular news about this denial of admission to Catholic churches for filming.

It’s been reported in the secular press:

Apparently, they can film the outsides of the Churches in question.

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Too bad we couldn’t somehow organize a group of people wearing tshirts that read “Jesus is God”, etc and camp out in front of those churches and respestfully decline to leave while shooting.

I think the best protest, is just not going to see this movie. If it loses money, who is going to make another one.

According to Michael Medved, social conservative, observant Jew and move critic, those who are agenda-driven lose money consistently in movies. The agenda overcomes both common and business sense. Something about a fool and his money apparently…

For secularists (a term I use as descriptive only), getting money to fund advertising, including movies, is part of getting ‘the message’ out there. Whatever that message happens to be. I think Catholics should realize that the media not only reports or creates fiction for “entertainment,” it is also used to manipulate public ‘opinion.’

If we, as Catholics, understand and follow proper Church teaching, the efforts of Hollywood to show sin as OK and heresy as something to be believed will fall to the wayside.

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I believe the adage is “A fool and his money are welcome everywhere.”

The BEST protest is to not talk about it at all.


The Vatican did the correct thing. I think the best protest is to try to convince people that Dan Brown is wrong. Not talking about it won’t make it go away. I won’t see it. From all of the reviews I read, TDVC was a boring movie anyway, so I’m probably not missing out on much.

We shouldn’t ban the book, because if we ban that book whats to stop the goverment from banning other books. The best thing to do is to do what the U.S. Bishops did and educate people on why the book is hurtful and wrong and turn the message of the book around and educate people about Christ. I am glad the Vatican banned them from filming though.

How many, when told not to do something, do it anyway, just to see what the fuss was about?

This little news story made me laugh at first-- at the brazenness of people who want to make an anti catholic movie asking if they could please do it in the Catholic Church! but then I wondered if they are brassy or if they just don’t realize… what they don’t realize

Good! I personally wish they’d be banned from filming in all Catholic Churches! :thumbsup:

I have to say I did rent the DaVinci Code.:frowning: I did feel extremely guilty about contributing money but it in no way shook my faith. Quite honestly, I found the story told through the movie as laugably superficial. :stuck_out_tongue: Really, I feel quite a bit of sympathy for folks who have lost their way and are willing to latch on to these hair-brained conspiracy theories and alternate understandings of Biblical Truth. I feel it is our fault as a Christian community for not doing a better job in helping these folks find the right path. I have used the movie on ocassion or two to explain the role of the Church’s reliance on the early Church Fathers in sorting baloney from Orthodoxy.

From what I understand “Angels and Demons” is a prequel so to speak.The book was written before “The DaVinci Code”.I think its the first book with the character from TDVC.

I am not embarrassed to say that I bought and read “The daVinci Code” thinking that it might actually had been a good thriller however as thrillers go,it stinks.

As for boycotting the new film OK but if DVC was not successful there would be no AAD
It should be pointed out that Brown has not released a new book since TDC.


I wouldn’t recommend not talking about it, just pretending it isn’t there. Untruths spread well enough as it is, how much worse would it be if no one made the effort to correct them? What I did for the Da Vinci Code was this, and I’d recommend it for Angels and Demons as well: Get the book–either from a used bookstore as a cheap paperback so you’re not giving your money to Brown at all, but helping a mom-and-pop business, or check it out from a library, again not giving money to Brown. READ it. Read it carefully and take notes. Keep your Bible and Catechism nearby so you can reference them. It’s time consuming, but when someone brings it up and the hubbub it’s causing, or when someone is spouting tripe in support of it and to the denigration of the Church, you can say, “Now, I haven’t seen the movie, but I remember in the book that -blah blah blah- but THIS is really the case …” That way you don’t look like a religious nut with circular reasoning, but that you actually know what you’re talking about. These stupid books/movies can be a great way to show someone the truth of God’s Church.

I have read both books. People need to remember that they are FICTION. No person with half a brain is going to believe that either book is actually based on truth. Come on…an attempt to blow up the Vatican using a canister of antimatter planted under St. Peter’s.

I found both book entertaining reads. The plot in Angels and Demons was in my opinion much better than the Da Vinci Code. Both were interesting reads, and had decent action and adventure in them.

In all fairness, I am not Catholic, and am probably less prone to being offended by such literature, but even as a protestant I find the concept of Jesus having modern biological descendents laughable.

However, Angels and Demons did make an interesting point to me. There is a wealth of information, art, literature, and history, much of which predates the Catholic Church, contained inside the walls of the Vatican. It’s loss would be a great tragedy to the entire world regardless of religion and culture. (Not sure if the author, was trying to make that point, or one more along the lines of pointing out the sheer wealth of the Catholic Church, but that’s what I got from it).

I fully support that Catholic Church’s decision to not allow it’s churches to be used in the movie, as is their right. However, people seriously need to remember most movies and novels are not real. Harrison Ford is not really the president, there are not really boy wizards with lighting bolt scars, there are no Jedi with lightsabers and we will never encounter a real Klingon. That being said, I’m not holding my breath for any bizarre Catholic Conspiracies to stop scientific Discovery or cover up a modern descendent of Jesus to be unearthed just because Dan Brown wrote about them.

Okay, I will probalby be called heretic, schismatic, and be anathamatized, but please show me, other than tradition, with a small t., that Christ could not have been married. Yes, I have read all of Dan Brown’s books and found them quite entertaining. Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci Code caused me to “think outside the box.” I am not talking about Catholic Church conspiracies here, just the possibility that Christ did have a wife, and she COULD have been Mary Magdalene???

Okay, stab me through the heart.:wink:

The simplest reason I’ve ever heard is because He’s already married to a mystical Bride–the Church.


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