Vatican Splendors Exhibit

Has anyone seen this exhibit?

It was fabulous!

For many things it was “You have got to be kidding! I can’t believe this is on tour!”

The first thing you see when you walk in is the reliquary containing St. Peter’s bones! :bowdown:

St. Peter’s Chair is also in the exhibit. :clapping:

I don’t know if I would let those things out of the “house”

(But that is just me :wave: )

It was amazing. Very well done and not too pricey ($20).

The last thing is a brass molding of JPIIG’s hand and the announcement stating that you can put your hand over it on your way out. :heaven: :sad_bye:

Definite - :clapping:

Dang, It was in Cleveland and I didn’t know about it. Too much expense to travel to Men-a-soder

My wife and I saw it when it came to Milwaukee. We found it incredible. We really enjoyed it.

terrific, my bday gift from DD, it had been in Houston and I missed it. can’t get over the architectural drawings for St. Peter’s basilica, for the first time I think I realize what an intellectual leap forward the Renaissance really was.

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