Vatican spokesman defends decision not to publish synod fathers' speeches [CWN]

In an interview with Vatican Radio, the director of the Holy See Press Office said that the recently concluded Synod of Bishops was "a truly special experience, and very different from …



Here’s the rub…The bishops are not officials elected by the Catholic populace, they are selected by the Holy See. There is no sense making their comments, in execution of Church business, fodder for the laity to make uncharitable statements (and, unfortunately, we have seen some of this on CAF causing removal of posts and entire threads) about the righteousness of the bishops.

The last line of the story was also telling:

“On the other hand, media coverage of the synod, he said, tended to be a little “unbalanced” because it focused on just two topics: Communion for the remarried and homosexuality.”

In fairness to the media, both secular and non-secular, the reason for this limited focus is because they were targeting the interest and the knowledge level of their constituency…far too many, if not the vast majority of even Catholics, were either ignorant of the entire scope of the Synod, or didn’t see the other myriad, important issues before the Synod as important.

Peace and all good!

Yes, it made sense for the media to focus more on those two topics, since there was language and intent with those issues that was never seen before.
Therefore, it is “news”.
The media cannot report on all that the document says–that is what the document is for. The media’s job is to highlight anything new or different or something that would pique the public’s interest and something that relates to other news today in the world, that would interest both non-Catholics as well as Catholics.
Both the “secular” and the “non-secular” media highlighted these two issues in their stories for the same reasons–they were suggestions not quite seen before in that way.


Excellent decision. There is a need for openness, but that need is for the bishops to be open to the Holy Spirit, to listen to what each says, and speak forthrightly, without hedging. This cannot occur as easily in a media environment.

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