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I’m an accountant by profession, and it gets my dander up whenever some lunatic starts accusing the Catholic Church of being so rich and powerful that it can easily distribute its wealth and feed everyone on earth for the rest of their lives. I know that most of the Church’s riches are in art treasures that cannot and should not be sold since they are humanity’s treasures and should be kept in safekeeping.

My question is, is there a site where we can download the financial statements of the Vatican, possibly the Church as an institution? It would then be easy to make comparisons to different countries’ incomes and scale this data for realistic debates rather than ones full of hyperbole by anti-Catholics with an agenda. We can show people like them that yes the Church is rich, but no richer than say, Taiwan or someplace.

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It’s very hard to answer this question. Every diocese of the Catholic Church whether eastern or western is a particular church. Thus, it is incorporated as a single entity. Likewise, parishes are also incorprated as single entities and the deed to the parish property is usually held “in trust” to the diocesan bishop or metropolitan bishop. What unites us is our Catholic Faith. Our belief in the ancient creeds, the 21 ecumenical councils etc. So, there are very poor dioceses and “rich” dioceses depending on your location. Each bishop is the head of his particular church.

The Vatican itself is ran on a deficit of about ~$250m every year and this can be looked up at the CIA World Fact Book. We, as a church are one and united in our faith but our structure is very local. Dioceses report to Archdioceses. Archdioceses report to Prelates. Prelates and Bishops’ conferences (i.e. the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops or the US Synod in simpler terms) report to the Pope, and so on…


I couldn’t find the financial statement itself but here’s a link to a note on the Vatican’s 2006 financial statement that you might find helpful:


Exactly what I found in my first passthrough Todd, but those are just the notes to the FS. I haven’t been able to find the full FS of Vatican State itself. Some articles have stated that the FS have been presented before, therefore they’re public.

Since Vatican State is a country (correct me if I’m mistaken please), is there a place where country incomes and expenses are summarized?


Well lets see.

The Vatican State is just that, a sovereign country.

I am not aware that sovereign states produce financial statements for public distribution.


Note on Vatican’s 2006 Financial Statement
Vatican Reports Deficit for Third Year
Economic Report of the Holy See for 2000
Vatican Financial Report
New Pope to Face Enormous Financial Issues
[/FONT]** Vatican Wealth**


Neither am I, but they’re presenting something to the public and press according to the reports posted by Church Militant and Todd Easton.


It appears that they are stating that they ran a deficit just as other countries do.

I highly doubt you will ever find financial statements like you would for a public corporation.

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