Vatican to enlist Christian all-stars to help scandal-ridden sports

Ok, so I understand the goals that they are trying to achieve, but aren’t there any good Catholic athletes that they could have recruited???:shrug:

There’s lots of Catholic football (soccer) players in South America and Europe.

Here’s my favourite:

Javier (Chicarito) Hernandez
He plays for the Red Devils (Manchester United) , but he prays to God:thumbsup:

Wayne Rooney standing near him (#10), claims he prays the rosary before each match too - but he’s not a model of the saintly life.:wink:

Here’s something I didn’t know: Wayne Rooney is religious.

When Rooney did a press conference with the English daily papers on Wednesday, one of my colleagues asked about the rosary beads that he’s been pictured with round his neck during training.

Rooney looked surprised, and said: “I’ve been wearing them for years now and you don’t usually watch training. Obviously I can’t wear them in games.”

‘Why do you wear them?’, came the next question. Rooney said: “It’s my religion.”

Rosary beads are often worn by Catholics, of course, but at this point an FA press officer stepped in and said: “We don’t do religion.”

What a shame. I go to church whenever I can. Some people find this funny, and I get a bit of stick for it, but I’d never dream of ramming my views down someone’s throat or preaching. It’s something that I’ve taken up recently and enjoy.

But I’m not Wayne Rooney.

My views are of no great consequence or interest to anyone.

But the fact Wayne Rooney is religious is.

Other players including the likes of Jermain Defoe and Kolo Toure have spoken about their faith in the past.

It’s interesting to me and I find it a shame that the topic was cut off before it could be explored.

We live in an openly multi-cultural society, and yet it seems at times we’re afraid to actually discuss those cultures in the open.

CFL has Travis Lulay and Angus Reid amongst others.

He’s had some bad years lately, but Philip Rivers is a strong Catholic…

OOPS! Should clarify - some bad sports seasons -

Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are both devout Christians

So are the Manning brothers, but i believe the OP was asking for Catholic athlete examples…

Maybe they did choose some Catholic atheletes but it just wasn’t mentioned in the article. Tim Tebow’s name probably was mentioned in the article because more people know about him.

From the article:

The council will also have Catholic and other Christian athletes in attendance, to give witness to how the worlds of faith and sports can easily come together.

And the title of this thread is not the title of the article.

I think that the Vatican should be involving Catholics to speak on Christianity in sports.

They are. Both Catholics and non-Catholics will be on the council. As Lucky7, the title of this thread is not the title of the article - which is very misleading.

As a Catholic, I praise God for Philip Rivers. As a Chiefs fan, the only thing I hope for Rivers is a face full of dirt.

Mike Sweeney is a devout Catholic.

Roger Federer
Manny Pacquio

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