"Vatican to Issue Stamp Featuring Martin Luther"


Am not sure what to make of this. Patrick Madrid from Catholic radio has this reaction on Twitter:
“If true this is BEYOND surreal. And quite disturbing.”


“The Vatican office charged with issuing stamps, known as the Philatelic and Numismatic Office, confirmed Tuesday to LifeSiteNews that Luther, who broke away from the Catholic Church in a schism 500 years ago, will be celebrated with a postage stamp in 2017. The office is in charge of the annual commission of stamps, coins, and other commemorative medals.”

Why would they celebrate Martin Luther with a stamp rather than someone who was faithful to our Church? It makes no sense.


Quite frankly, I just don’t know what to say anymore.


I saw this on Lifesite, and Fr. Zuhldorf. I hesitated posting because after going to the Vatican site I could not find confirmation. That said, if this happens, we will have exonerated the individual who has done more to damage the Body of Christ than anyone else in the history of the Church. And as Seamus so eloquently said, i just do not know what to think.


Perhaps they should get Arius stamps too.




I hope this is NOT TRUE.

how about a our lady of Fatima 100th anniversary stamp instead?


That’s not good.


Can’t say much because it’s only one report so who knows if it’s true but if it is my bet is that there are a few liberal seeds deep in the Vatican that push this stuff.


I’d rather see a stamp with King Henry VIII on it. Then they can release a collector’s series with each of his wives on it. Collect them all!


I most certainly hope this is not true.


What purpose does/would this serve???



The Church has reconsidered Luther and is coming to a new understanding. Pope John Paul opened and increased communication and exchange with Lutherans, and praised Luther’s important contributions to theology. Pope Benedict quoted Luther often and said that Luther was right about many things, including justification. Pope Francis has continued that trend. I think that it is good and important to recognize Luther’s contributions along with his problems, and to move toward unifying the Church.


Poor King Henry. If he lived in our time, he could divorce and remarry wihout committing a mortal sin. After all, AL says it is okay. Love wins! :rolleyes:


I can’t believe this!

I am fairly open minded and I try to see the good in people things and give them the benefit of the doubt.

But this is Pretty crazy.


Without Martin Luther the Church would not have become what it is today. Without him there would have been no counter-reformation. Without him there would not be the great hymn, A Mighty Fortress is Our God.

In short, he woke up the Church. We need people who can wake us up - tho it is never comfortable at the time.




I’m all for dialogue with Lutherans, but directly honouring Luther himself is problematic I think. He did both good and bad for the Church…he inspired schism and taught heresy, but he also triggered necessary reforms within the Church itself by calling it out on corruption. All of that aside…I would have issues honouring him as an individual for completely unrelated reasons. For one, he was a raging anti-Semite. Some of what he proposed regarding the treatment of Jews makes my stomach turn.


If this is true, it’s deplorable. :frowning:


I’m all right with this. Stamp out Protestantism! We’ve got them licked now! Deliver us from evil. Now on to my next post.


If the Luther stamp is true, who knows you wish could come true next year.:wink:

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