Vatican To Live Stream Canonization Of Popes John Paul II, John XXIII

Get connected with history in the making!

Official Website: with online video streaming

Official Twitter site:

Official hashtag: #2popesaints

Official facebook page:

News story:

Expected participation: 130-150 Cardinals, 1,000 Bishops, 6,000 priests, 270 deacons and thousands of faithful.


Thx! I did notice the Canonization Mass is on the 27th at 10am. But do u or does anyone know what time zone that is, and is it live (or an encore)?

I would imagine that it is 10am Rome time.

Holy Mass and Canonization presided by Pope Francis in Saint Peter’s Square. May 27, Time: 10 AM [Rome time]

Time zone comparisons:

Since this morning, tapestries of the two popes on St. Peters:

There is an official app for the canonization here:

For android:

It is probably also available for iPhone. Search for SantoSubito

Outline for the Prayer Vigil on 26 April 2014

Prayer Vigil in preparation for the canonization of the two Blessed Pontiffs, John XXIII and John Paul II

The Liturgical Office of the Diocese of Rome, in preparation for the canonizations of the two Blessed Pontiffs, John XXIII and John Paul II, is offering three prayer outlines for the animation of Prayer Vigils to help the faithful prepare for this graced filled event.

Relics and pictures of the two Pontiffs may be exposed for the veneration of the public and be placed in a liturgical space or in the presbytery, but not upon the altar. The relics and pictures may be decorated with flowers and candles, and can also be incensed together with the altar and the cross at the beginning of the vigil.

Here is another livestreaming option: EWTN

(I have never been able to get the Silver Light Vatican player to work for me, but I have no problem with EWTN).

Also via YouTube

Great thread, we’ve posted a collection of ways to watch the canonisation’s too as well as posting as much related news, reflections and videos as we could find at our What the site.

Here’s the link

Enjoy the event :slight_smile:


They are now saints.

“sanctos esse decernimus et definimus”

Does anyone know when their Feast Days will be?

I heard:

St. John Paul II - 22 October

St. John XXIII - 11 October

That’s right.
St. John’s feast day is Oct. 11, the anniversary of the day in 1962 that he opened the Second Vatican Council.
St. John Paul’s feast day is Oct. 22, the anniversary of the inauguration of his pontificate in 1978.

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