Vatican to take action on gay-community Masses in London?

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) is preparing to take action to curb abuses at regularly scheduled Masses in London’s Soho section, according to a German magazine.

This is a good thing. Nobody has the right to abuse the Holy Mass and that includes homosexuals as well as those not associated with homosexual groups! That said, I have a feeling that such abuses have gone on in the past in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Hopefully their new Bishop will correct these abuses.


Archbishop Nichols is my archbishop, so I’m kind of hoping that he’s right about there not being any abuses.

That having been said, if there are abuses, I hope that they are speedily corrected.

So… they’re showing prominently pro-homosexual symbols during a mass…

Seriously people, stop calling yourselves Catholic and get out… or repent and change… which would be better… There’s nothing wrong with being gay so long as you’re chaste, but Church is no place for propaganda.

There should be no special services for homosexuals, this Anti-God practice is not acceptable and anyone attending those masses or serving them should be excommunicated. If you want to have those types of satanic rituals then go join one of the many heretical “religions” out there.

It’s been about time something is done about these masses :mad:

Well, time out. I agree that there should be no special masses for homosexuals, but just because they are homosexual does not mean that they are anti-God, should be excommunicated, etc. That sort of rhetoric is why there is such a strong anti-Catholic notion in the gay movement.

There can be homosexual people who live completely within God’s laws; Chastity is not impossible, despite what culture may try to tell you. We should welcome homosexual persons and teach them about what God calls them to for their lives.

If a person is a practicing homosexual, we should not look down on them, or cast them out, or seek to harm them. Instead, they should be pitied, and we should strive to teach them the Truth so they can live with God. At that point, it is up to them if they chose to accept God or reject Him. If they continue to reject Him, then they will answer for it, and hopefully God will pity then; but it is not our place to reject them.

Now, if they claim to be Catholic and then run around spouting out heresies, then yeah, excommunication may be in order.

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It depends on what you mean by special services for homosexuals. As a member of Courage I have attended a few Masses for members of Courage. Nobody else was invited. Of course as members of Courage not all of us identify with calling us homosexuals. Many feel we just have a same sex attraction. Other then the attendees, nothing about the Mass was any different from any other Mass. The homily was tailored to those in attendance and at no time did it go against Catholic teaching.

Can Masses exist solely for those that deal with same-sex attraction? Yes. Should they promote teachings or organizations that are contrary to Catholic teaching? No.

I believe that the issue with these is that they’re basically hijacking the regular mass, and turning its focus to addressing homosexuality. Since there are very few gospels that deal directly with the issue, this means they are essentially ignoring the Gospel message e(which is supposed to be the focus of the homily) and talking about something else. This is basically how many protestant churches hold their services (pick a topic and talk about it), and goes against Church teachings.

I’m not sure what they focus on, but if they’re trying to say it’s alright to practice homosexual acts (which seems to be the case based on the decor), then they definitely need to be called out for being out of line with Church teachings.

The Masses I attended with Courage did not change the readings. They were usually either the normal daily readings for the day or a valid change due to feast day or something like that. When I say the homily was tailored to those in attendance I meant it was a normal homily addressing the readings, but just like a priest can tailor a homily for young kids at a school Mass it was tailored to those struggling with same sex attraction. At no time did it promote ideas contrary to the faith. Everything about the Masses I attended were “by the book” and were part of a Mass just for those that struggle with same-sex attraction. Yes I realize that there are many Masses for “homosexuals” that have been hijacked, but that doesn’t mean we should come out with blanket statements that say Masses for people that struggle with homosexuality shouldn’t exist.

The key is to bring the priests that are saying Masses that don’t abide by Church teachings inline with Church teachings. Of course you need to make sure the problem is with the priest and not just those in attendance. People can be bringing things and ideas into the parish without the priests approval.

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