VATICAN - TURKEY - Erdogan's Turkey threatens "response" to Pope’s affirmation of Armenian "genocide" [AN]

Government officials across the board define " the words spoken yesterday by Francis as “invalid", “null and void”, “inappropriate”, “unilateral”, “unacceptable” and “distorts history”. The same words used in 2001 by John Paul II. But the “moderate” Islamic president wants to propose a new Ottomanism and is concerned about the approach of the general elections of 7 June.


You see, this is where the Jewish Holocaust differs from the Armenian Genocide. The Germans admit to the Holocaust and the say they are sorry. To this day, they spend a lot of money to try to make up for what they did. The turks, on the other hand, continue to be vicious and bloodthirsty. They will shoot anyone who simply admits the historical fact of the Armenian Genocide. The Armenian Church has recently decided to canonize the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide into saints. Instead of praying for them, we will now be asking them to pray for us. The Pope has celebrated Badarak in Armenia in commemoration of the 100 years anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. One day, the turks will no longer be able to keep up this denial. As for now, they are being brainwashed. Even the United States doesn’t recognize the Armenian genocide because they want military bases in turkey. The French, on the other hand, have done the opposite.

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