Vatican: World not ending, despite Mayan prediction

VATICAN CITY (AP) – The Vatican’s top astronomer has some assurances to offer: The world won’t be ending in 10 days, despite predictions to the contrary…

This gave me a smile. And on 12/12/12 too! The feast of Our Lady of Guadaloupe!

Who said this to Blessed Juan Diego (on this date too?) in 1531:

“Am I not here, who is your Mother? Are you not under my protection? Am I not your health? Are you not happily within my fold? What else do you wish? Do not grieve nor be disturbed by anything.”

With nine days to spare we get this comforting news! Gutsy call, lol. :slight_smile:

In the ludicrously unlikely event the Vatican astronomer turns out to be wrong and
the world does end … complaining about this will be the last thing on peoples’ minds.

But if they did, I, an unofficial PR advisor have a talking point to offer. Shrug your shoulders :shrug: and say " … but as a Catholic, our world DIDN’T end … we are in eternity, just like always!"

And for a bit of harmless mischief, the good Father (being the Vatican Astronomer) might take up the equivalent of a “pen name” or ACTUALLY change his name legally to …

Galileo Galilee ! :dancing::extrahappy:

" …the official Vatican Astronomer Galileo Galilee reports that …" < It’d be like “Auld Lang Syne …” or “Blessed are the peacemakers” by way of confusion.

But … pranking (even of this facetious and non-violent kind) is probably best just a thing to think about … and ruled out.

If you are a Church spokesman rather than a jolly layperson with too much time on his hands. :wink:

I’m willing to bet that anti-Catholics will use that to attack Catholicism and whine. I’ll be seeing conspiracy theorists use that to attack the Catholic Church.
In any case, the Vatican is correct about what it had said.
I’ll add that those buy into the whole “Mayan calendar is going to affect serious change” generally tend to put Western superstition (the whole fear of the number 13) into the Maya calendar. It is worthy of note that the number 13 is not seen as bad luck in Maya culture.

Anti Catholilc is based on those that fault find the Catholic Chruch, a Church that will exist, stand from the moment that Peter opened the gates of the Church to all of the earth tilll God brings the earth to an end. .
Fault finding is a terrible sin. but it was the foundation of luther, king henry, and the many who started those community of christian churchs.

they want to deny, the real presence of God in the Eucharist. they want to deny God…

That is, the ark of the covenant was the of the old, the Eucharist came to be of the New Covenant, to which they are then denial of the New Covenant…

To have presumption, of going to Heaven is a sin. To act on superstition and predicting of the end of the world, is equally of sin. That is the biggest problem and flaw of todays educatoinal systems in the US, universities. They teach great superstitions and ignorance to people. Governments that promote Socialism, an attrocity of gov. that strips away the peoples freedom, for the children to march off to unjustified wars of revenge, to borrow money beyoung economic reality creating todays fictional economics, and to condon the mutilation and murder of children.

the harboring of bigotry against a sect, based on no logic, but hate of superstition…

todays generation of wanna be leaders are the most failed generation ever in all of world history, they lead by a superstition of ignorance.

From a scientific reality, metors have hit the earth on a regular basis for all of history, but the startical odds of a volcano blowing out ash and covering a large part of the US with several feet of ash is greater to happen by odds. and, those of faith in God will turn to God in their suffering and humility, and thank God, that he shows his power and might to keep US humble and give all Glory and Praise to God…

the greater quesiton is, will the US if hit with a greater calamity, will the people unify to help each other, or will they in ignorance be more pitted agaisnt each other to fight as the survivor of the fittest calls for?

Haiti was hit with a great calamitiy, and the US civilization and government and the Christian churchs gave them a bandaid of aid, at the same time it spent billions on war, a huge ignorance of reality. The Catholic church should have built the greatest of Cathedrals and ect. in Haiti, but it has done very little REAL instead, ignoring the plight of the people.

a fact of failure, to the leaders in both the gov. and churchs.

by some scientific circles, the world is in a 3400 year cycle, that is open to alot of scientific consideration, changes in weather, and currently calls for a scientific consideration to magnitism and its effects on all around US…

sunspots are a product of this? or some other factor is exciting the sunsports, is the scientific consideration fo current. It shows the fragiality of the world, but more so it currently proves that their is a God. Because science shows how fragil the earths balance is in the relation to the sun, and our existence. If all in the creaation of the earth is off a little, its impossible for what God gives and God alone gives, is LIFE, cannot exist on earth as it does… that scienfific fact proves their is a God which we cant comprehend, as we cant comprehend alot of sceince, as in , Creation of LIfe and its wonder and awe. God gives life, that science proves… Faith proves God.

the balance is recognized by science to be very exact, and only God could have found this balance and brought, life. that doesnt even get to the human mind and its wonder and fasination that also, proves their to be a God.

denial of God, is a great supertition. denial of God in the Eucharsist for sure is a great superstition that science in the wonder of God and God giving life proves.

thank God for science, for it gives Glory to God, and keeps man humble.

oh yea, the main calendar is off by science, according to science, the world was to end several years ago. ha, what supertition and ignorance.

but maybe, the Holy Spriit is telling people to get their acts together. God warned the people of the great flood, and the people of sodomn and gamora, and for that brought them to meet the rath of God. the people in the US are calling for the rath of God in many ways, so its a natural expectation that God is going to bring some much needed humility to a civlization thats turned its back on God by condoning great superstitions of today…

Is this infallible dogma? Are Catholic obligated to believe this? If not I won’t bother.



No, and I’m a little surprised the Vatican even has an astonomer.

I would suggest that Mayan prophecies are just as reliable as Jehovah’s Witnesses’ prophecies, that being “not at all”.

This “end of the world” nonsense is proof positive that the mindless masses are just that, mindless.

Really? The Vatican kick - started a great deal of Western scientific investigations. Astronomy being one such branch!

It’s more than just the Mayans. The Hopi Indians have actual vague end time prophecies “coming true.” The Earth’s overdue for a magnetic reversal. Some guy used the I Ching (ancient Chinese book) to predict 2012 while on hippie drugs…

2 notes, though:

  1. The Mayans never said the world would end, only that there would be great change
  2. Even if the poles reversed, the magnetic field would stay just as strong and protective while they switch

I’m not surprised. The Vatican should have an astronomer. Astronomy is a valuable science. You might be thinking of astrology. :stuck_out_tongue:

They have those too. and Alchemists. :hypno:

Of course the Mayans are still around, I’ve met several, and they don’t believe the world is coming to an end, nor that there is a “big change” coming. It’s a calendar change-over, much like our millennium calculations, nothing more. :shrug:

This 12/21/12 thing is a decidedly non-Mayan issue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a link to an article that talks about the real Mayans’ reaction to the whole doomsday thing:

Some Mayans aren’t even amused by this perversion and marketing of their calendar.

Peace and God bless!

With all due respect, the world could be ending that day (in the sense that it could end any day, ie, “only the Father knows the day and the hour”). To say that it absolutely isn’t ending that day is just a guess.

Am I missing something?:o

hahaha :thumbsup:

When you think about it, every day is the end of somebody’s world.

From a Catholic eschatological point of view, the “end of the world” cannot happen until certain events detailed in Revelation take place, namely the defeat of the False Prophet/Beast and the defeat of Gog/Magog. Until these events transpire, there will be no end of the world.

Only God knows the day and the hour of the end of this present world and God has also told us not to worry about tomorrow for today has enough worries of its own, but at the same time God also told us that certain signs would precede the end times and that we should be vigilant for them: false prophets, “the disastrous abomination”, wars and rumors of war, famines and earthquakes, and the “powers of heaven” being “shaken.” Certainly, wars and rumors of war and famines and earthquakes have been occurring for a while. But other things like the Antichrist and the “powers of heaven being shaken” have not occurred, so I would say the end of the world is not going to happen for quite some time.

Catholics own and run the world’s largest and most expensive center for astronomical studies in the world and the most expensive and largest observatory. It’s right here in the USA and its headquarters are at Castel Gandolfo. NASA and other space agencies around the world pay to use it. Check it out. We built it decades ago. I believe it’s the oldest in the world.

It also owns the largest and best staffed center for the study of evolution in the world. I believe that it’s in England, at Oxford. I could be wrong on the location.


Br. JR, FFV :slight_smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Mayans did not predict the end of the world, but the end of the old cycle and the start of a new one.

Of course it’s overhyped nonsense, but there’s no harm in going to confession a few days before just to be safe. :thumbsup:

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