Vatican's chief exorcist warns that practicing yoga is 'satanic' Gateway to Possession


And yet, God, the omniscient and all-powerful Creator of the Universe, was very clearly not a fan of idol worship. I would go with his advice.


I was just being cheeky (and actually referring to the post you were replying to.) I agree with your post. From my perspective, I have to really wonder if any minds are changed in threads on yoga at CAF. I know people generally mean well on either side, or I will at least give them the benefit of the doubt , but yoga threads have some similarities to modesty threads.


That is exactly why I quoted Scripture. God’s advice.

Just to be clear, no one is suggesting we engage idol worship. Idolatry is always wrong in every form.

No one said it did.


I thought Father Amorth was released from his vows, and was living with a woman at the time of his death. Does not sound like a “deeply traditional figure” to me. Sounds like the devil got to him.


Father Amorth was a loyal son of the Church up until his death last year. As far as I am aware, it is a fact that he was indeed Chief Exorcist for the Diocese of Rome. Anyone who makes light of anything he has said in relation to the prince of darkness may do so at their own peril. He may not be infallible, but his words ought to be well considered. That is my position. Take it for what you will.

However, if anyone asserts to him having said such and such is consequently obliged to give an exact citation for the reference made.


I am trying to find that title description and have been for most of the day. I like your idea of needing citations, so have you seen this anywhere other than news media? I can’t find it in the Church.


At the moment, I do know it can be found on the back cover of his book, printed by Ignatius Press, “An Exorcist Tells His Story” , 1999. (First printed in Italian, 1990)

It is possible that it is more an honorary or de facto distinction rather than an official title. I can look a bit, but sometimes it is helpful to know Italian. :thinking:


It’s not surprising. Yoga is a spiritual Hindu exercise. I however know many people who do it and are not possessed.


The Reverend Gabriele Amorth, SSP (1 May 1925 – 16 September 2016) was an Italian Roman Catholic Priest and an exorcist of the Diocese of Rome who claimed to have performed tens of thousands of exorcisms over his half a dozen plus decades as a Catholic Priest. He never served as “the Vatican’s chief exorcist” or any similar role, despite popular media headlines


I just showed this thread to the 2 hindu’s I share an office with. They are still laughing 20 minutes later.


Hahaha oh please. I’ve known hundreds of Yoga practitioners at this point,

Some of whom have worked miracles sure; if you are on about correcting postural problems, rehabilitation and a whole host of other positive things.

Yoga has very real benefits to daily life, skeletal alignment and more.

Practitioners tend to be focused, well disciplined and in good physical shape. Things which should be goals. Not things hailed as demonic with brash generalisation.

Should be obvious to even a 5 year old the difference between some sort of bizarre ritual and yoga practise for health and medical care.

Whatever this person is smoking, i think I’ll avoid it ta.


You make reference to an article from Wikipedia on Father Amorth. This assertion that the wikipedia makes has no citation at all, so therefore has no real basis other than the word of some anonymous person that has contributed to the wikipedia article.


In any case, we are going a bit off topic in discussing Fr. Amorth’s credentials or his official title specifically.

This article from “The Messenger of St. Anthony” written by Renzo Allegri in 2003 describes Fr. Amorth simply as the leader of Rome’s six exorcists.

Appointed to the task or office by Cardinal Poletti in 1986, Fr. Amorth first served as assistant exorcist to Fr. Candido Amantini.


Rather than argue opinion and hearsay how about we look at the evidence?,5&as_vis=1

If you can find something negative let me know.


I noticed you mentioned a B16 document from 1999 and so went looking around for it. (I haven’t read this entire thread so hope I’m not being redundant…)

It was never officially translated into English, but an informal translation can be found below in the Red text…


That was how I read you first, then I thought I would clarify just in case. Thank you!

So true about modesty threads! Hahaha!!! Very, very similar reactions. People have strong opinions, myself included, and no one seems to budge much.


I cannot find this verified as the Pope’s words anywhere, but it seems plausible.


I hate to say “Duh,” but St. Francis did not speak Twentieth Century English, so of course it was altered, though there is no such thing as “the authentic prayer.” Here is the translation I cut in pasted, which I should have linked earlier.


Which is why I posted the link to the Italian text, side by side with the English translation.


The original was in Italian , not Latin.

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