Vatican's Top Liturgical Liberal Steps Down [Akin]

It’s been predicted for some time that B16 would remove Marini from his office as the papal master of ceremonies.
And now he has.
His replacement is . . . Marini!
That is, Archbishop Piero Marini is being replaced by Fr. Guido Marini.
Same last name. Two different guys.
In case you haven’t been aware of who Piero Marini is or what the papal master of ceremonies is, basically he (Piero Marini) is the guy who, as master of ceremonies, plans the pope’s celebration of the liturgy.
Want to know why there were Aztec dancers gyrating all over the place at the canonization of Juan Diego?
Piero Marini.
Want to know why John Paul II’s vestments for the Third Millennium celebration looked like a costume from Star Trek Voyager?
Piero Marini.
Want to know why liturgical law was disregarded regularly at John Paul II’s major celebrations of the liturgy?
Piero Marini.
I don’t know why JP2 kept him around, particularly as he started tightening up on liturgical abuses through the latter part of his reign.
I mean, if you’re trying to tighten up the celebration of the liturgy for Catholics all over the world, not using one’s authority as pope to authorize deviations from the norms at your own liturgies would seem to be a good first step.
Otherwise, it’s easy for liturgical dissidents the world over to say, "Well, the pope had this (e.g., dancing) at his own Mass, so it’s obviously okay for us to have it, too."
But for whatever reason, Pope John Paul decided to retain the services of Piero Marini.
Once B16 was elected, it was widely expected that he would replace Marini, though not immediately lest it look like a slap.
Some have thought that the case of Benedict’s tie-dyed vestments in Austria (more on those later) might have precipitated the replacement.
So who’s the new Marini?
The new Marini, according to Italian observers, does not bring a sharply defined ideological profile into his new position. Though he served as the master of ceremonies in the Genoa archdiocese for both Cardinals Dionigi Tettamanzi and Tarcisio Bertone (today the Vatican’s Secretary of State), Guido Marini, 46, has an academic background in canon law and spirituality rather than liturgy.


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