Vegan Feminism Theorist Carol J. Adams Wants to Weaponize What You Eat in the



if God hadn’t meant for us to eat animals, He wouldn’t have made them out food!


I think they spelled terrorist wrong!


We certainly dont want mindful dietary choices.


She has as much right to write a book as anyone else. The public doesn’t have to buy it.


Amen to that.

I will spend money on vegan propaganda the day after the sun turns to chicken soup, but if we don’t defend free speech even when we deplore what is spoken, we aren’t defending it at all.



I maybe wrong but I don’t think there is anyone here that would like to stop her from writing a book. Have at’r I say!


Apparently this woman manages to combine white guilt, anti-Trumpism, veganism and feminism in one oleaginous whole. For that, she should be awarded a place on the board of directors of the DNC.

I particularly like this part of the article:
“Without the ongoing control of female reproduction, there would be no meat for people to eat. So female animals as reproductively available is a trope that is constantly referred to. If you look at animal agricultural magazines, you are going to find ads like, “What would she be doing if she weren’t pregnant?” And it’s that same kind of attitude that we’re seeing reappear about women.”

Does she not realize female animals in the wild are pregnant almost 100% of the time too? Apparently not.


Apropos to nothing really, there are reasons to eat a vegan diet that have nothing to do with ethical beliefs about animals or politics.

I have a friend who about two years ago was bitten by a Lone Star tick and subsequently developed life threatening alpha-gal syndrome. He is not an ethical vegan, but eating any particle of mammalian product sends him into severe anaphylactic shock.

It is hard to imagine all the things intended for human consumption that have some mammalian product hidden in them including medications, beverages, and food preservatives in all kinds of foods that ostensibly have no red meat. . Since he was diagnosed with aloha-gal syndrome, I have not served my friend any food other than fresh fruit and nuts - until recently when we had a few friends over for refreshments after an event.

I discovered that I was able to get from Whole Foods a completely vegan version of everything that I served including the same chocolate cake with caramel icing, almond milk ice cream, soy milk for coffee, and a non-dairy whipped topping for Irish coffee. All guaranteed to be completely free of mammalian products.


This is one of the most disillusioned positions I have ever heard of. Relating this to anti-Trumpism or whatever she is trying to promote is totally disjointed. I am still struggling to figure out if this solely an attempt at humor. The article should have appeared in -The Onion.

Some people want to tie the weirdest things into politics. I personally eat very little meat and basically no dairy products. It has nothing to do with politics. At one time in college I lived on meat and dairy products when I was lifting heavy and bulking up. Later, I made my decision on what to eat based on what I found to be the healthiest diet for me. It had nothing to do with animal rights. If some one want to eat meat and dairy products, that’s fine. If they want to have an educated discussion on the benefits of either that’s fine, too. However, tying all this nonsense into a political position just seems wacky.

I am not wanting to make a generalization with people who share “some” of her views but I have seen a number of people who go off the deep end to save an alley cat or a set all livestock free attitude but then on the other direction promote abortion and euthanasia for humans. How out of touch with reality is that?


I participated in an outdoor/environmental education program once in college. I did it for the canoeing, making bat houses, improving the state parks, etc.

As part of the program we had to read a book on biodiversity and habitat by EO Wilson. While discussing the arguments laid out by EO Wilson, one student proposed that the CDC release the nearly eradicated fatal diseases like smallpox, Polio, etc into the population so as to “reduce the human footprint on the environment”. Like a real life version of the book Rainbow 6 or something. And a few others agreed! Thankfully the professor and the majority of the other students weren’t so down for genocide to save the salamander, but the whole thing was surreal.


What I think a lot of people don’t realize is that vegetables are very expensive if one wants to make a whole diet of them. And the ecological impact of raising them is massively greater than it is for livestock.

Also, approximately 1/3 of the earth’s useable surface is grassland that won’t grow anything else. People can’t eat grass because the nutrients are locked up in cellulose. Ruminants like cattle, sheep and goats have stomachs that can break down the cellulose. So, they turn non-food into food.

If the world goes vegan, deduct 1/3 of the surface of the earth from food production.


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