Vegas weddings

Quick question out of curiosity. Do Catholics who do not live in Las Vegas ever have marriages in Vegas? If so, do they arrange a sacramental marriage outside of their own diocese?

Well, I’m sure Catholics do it all the time. But I would guess, unless they arranged a Vegas wedding in a Vegas Catholic Church, it would not be a valid marriage.

Vegas weddings- do Catholics do it?

I dont have any facts or figures on this but, I will say I just bet that some do.:o

The latter part of your question as to how they do it sacramentally- I have no clue.:confused:

Something to ponder: some catholics even skip the Vegas wedding, the sacramental ceremony and skip right into the fires of Hell by living in sin.

Yes. Its true. :eek:

One could get a dispensation to marry in a Vegas Catholic parish by completing the proper paperwork. One could get a dispensation, theoretically, if one were marrying a non-Catholic, to marry in a non-Catholic Vegas church or chapel by completing the proper paperwork.

But to run off to Vegas without the proper dispensations and get married by an Elvis impersonator, like, this weekend? Well, that ain’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Catholics in Vegas who wish to be married in their parish do the same thing we all do, which would presumably include all those classes and meetings with a priest. I think most dioceses have waiting periods (not set in stone, I gather, since my priest in Cincinnati married us just less than six months after my husband and I met in person. But, we still had to do the classes and Engaged Encounter and even take Couple to Couple League NFP classes.)

My bad.

He still can’t run off to Vegas this weekend and get hitched by an Elvis impersonator, if he’s Catholic.

Catholics who live outside of Vegas, but who wish to be married in Vegas can do so. Happens all the time. You have to have your parish priests permission, which I assume means that you’ve done all the prep work required by your parish/diocese.

As a resident of Las Vegas, I have to wonder why anyone would want to do this.

But that’s for a Catholic parish in Vegas, right…not for the Elvis chapel? Right? Please?

I like Las Vegas, but not the Strip as a full time occupation! :eek:

No, no Elvis or non-church wedding.

Vegas isn’t a bad place, per se. Outside the Strip, it’s much like any other city. I just cannot imagine the mindset that wants to have a wedding ceremony HERE, as opposed to, say, Topeka or Dallas or Atlanta. People should get married, then come here for their honeymoon or vacation.

I LOVE Vegas, I’m going in March and I am so excited to go back. I’m giddy with anticipation. I want to stay out all night dancing with the girls, shop, and get massages. I’m literally squealing right now I’m so excited! and I would totally get married in a Vegas chapel… I love the cheesy wonderfulness of it! I won’t get married in one, because I enjoy living and my parents would give me the John the Baptist treatment if I did

I agree. I like regular Las Vegas very much. We can rent a wonderful suite for next-to-nothing, use our Dominick’s Fresh Card at Von’s, public transportation is not too bad at all, my sinuses open as soon as I step outside, and there are a multitude of things to do besides gamble and get married in too much of a hurry.

Even my late father-in-law, who was not the best Catholic until the last couple hours of his life, took his brides and ex-wives to Reno- when the ex-wives did not haul him into court first. :wink:

a lot of couples think its fun to get married there but do it as a 2nd wedding…or perhaps to renew their vows…but of course as pointed out you must have a priest deliver the sacrament to truly be a Catholic marriage!

I know this sounds (and is) totally judgmental on my part, but is it wrong of me to be upset (say on a scale of 1 to 10, about a 5) that my husband’s friend (who was baptized Catholic, although I don’t know about any other catechisis he’s had) lived with his girlfriend for 20 years and 2 years ago went to Vegas and got married in one of them goofy chapels? My husband thinks it’s a step in the “right” direction that they got married. He could care less where it was (in church or not). I don’t know if I am more upset that my husband doesn’t care about Church teachings or that his friend doesn’t. I think they make a mockery out of weddings in those cheesy chapels, and in Hollywood and when people get married on the beach in Florida. Don’t people care about doing weddings that are more sacramental and ceremonial than worrying about having the bride’s dress being designed by Versace or the wedding ring being 2-5 carats and having 12 bridesmaids, and spending $25,000 to $1,000,000 on superficial stuff?

When we got married in the church, it was us 2, my parents, his parents, his grandma, and the priest. No veil, no walking down the aisle, no music, no pomp, no fuss. It was simple, but it was sacramental.

When I think of Vegas, I think of strip bars, gambling, cheesy weddings and Elvis lookalikes. Nothing spiritual. I would like to see the part of Vegas that is like a good ole Mid West town with none of the big city lights.

I don’t think your husband “doesn’t care” about Church teaching. I think he’s glad his friend finally got married. And as you say, just because somebody was baptized Catholic, doesn’t mean the person knows what’s what. It’d probably be better if you prayed for his friend. Maybe you just don’t like the guy, or your husband bringing them over and you having to entertain them. That would bother me.

You don’t have to go to Vegas to make a mockery out of marriage, obviously. Anybody in any place- including small-town Midwest- can make a marriage seem to be all about the one-day show of the wedding. The beach in Florida? Well, if one isn’t Catholic (and everybody isn’t), maybe that is the best they can do for a *spiritual *place.

My husband and I did not have a fussy wedding, either. I do, however, enjoy a good wedding reception- at someone else’s expense.:wink:

Ah, but Vegas will never be a good ole Midwestern town. It’s a city, and it’s southwestern in flavor, for all the “settlers” from New York and Chicago in the 30s, 40s and 50s. No, there are not taco carts on every corner. That’s not southwestern. But the southwest has a certain more relaxed atmosphere.

Here’s the thing to remember about Vegas: All those people who run to get married there are not Catholic (well, most of them). Those weddings of grandeur- or for that matter, those weddings of tacky spandex and t-shirts- help run Vegas, as does the gambling, and other well, tourists’ attractions. This keeps the prices low for the rest of us. There is a lot of good, clean fun to be had in the vicinity of Vegas, and all the gambling boobs and 5-second marriages make that possible.

I don’t like the idea of Catholics thinking they can run off to Vegas. I think the Church in Vegas should get some big billboards or some such, to remind Catholics of their obligations, to guilt them a bit, before they see the Elvis impersonator at the Chapel of Marriage Drive-Thru and Car Wash. But there’s a lot to like about Vegas, and Nevada.

we agree…you should be happy for his friend and instead of getting angry, be a good example and pray that someday they might get closer to the Church and get married by a priest… :slight_smile:

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