Vegetarian Arrested in 'Meat Massacre'…100329_6801010

Updated: Monday, 29 Mar 2010, 9:51 AM EDT
Published : Monday, 29 Mar 2010, 9:51 AM EDT

(CANVAS STAFF REPORTS) - A vegetarian was arrested for slicing up meat in what Edinburgh, Ind., police called a meat massacre, reported.

Several people called 911 on Wednesday morning to report that a man had a knife in the Jay C Food Store in south-central Indiana.

“We have a gentleman here cutting into the meat and throwing it onto the floor,” one caller said.

Police said Anthony Coffman, 28, used a hunting knife to cut through packages. He threw open containers of raw beef on the floor then poured dog food on top of some of it, Edinburgh police Deputy Chief David Lutz told the TV station on Friday. A store employee tried to stop him but gave up when Coffman allegedly threatened him.

“He told people at the store that God had sent him there to do that. And he was trying to save young girls from the beef,” Lutz said to WTHR-TV .

He also said that he is a vegetarian and gets angry when others eat beef. He wanted to save little girls from getting “chubby,” according to 6 News.

Coffman was charged with criminal mischief and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

Its a funny headline, but maybe a bit misleading. His motive was religious, rather than vegetarian.

If anyone wants to see packages of meat on the grocery store floor, you can see them here:


I guess the guy must have rung up a huge grocery bill and to think he can’t even eat it! LOL!

When I first saw the thread title, I thought it was going to be a link to a satire piece from The Onion. But it’s a true story! :eek:

Hope he feels responsible for the slaughter of the cows that had to take the place of their fallen friends on the floor…:mad:

I think his problem is a mental one.

I don’t think any rational person would do this. And I don’t think most vegetarians would do this since they consider the unsold meat a waste, this would just increase the waste.

Hope he feels responsible for the slaughter of the cows that had to take the place of their fallen friends on the floor…:mad:

That’s what always confuses me about this approach (akin to throwing paint on fur coats). All they’ve succeeded in doing is ensuring that more animals will be killed to make up for the ones rendered unusable. Seems counterproductive to me. :shrug:

This man, in all likelihood, is in desperate need of some intensive psychiatric help. :wink:

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