Vegetarian burger at Burger King 👑

So Burger King just launched their Rebel Burger in Denmark, and to my knowledge it’s the first vegetarian burger in Denmark claiming to have an actual “meat-like” quality. :cut_of_meat:
I’d like to try it, but I was wondering whether something aiming to be a “plant-based meat” can even be considered vegetarian in the first place? Could I eat this thing on Fridays and still technically be abstinent? What do you think? :blush:


They already launched meatless burgers in the USA, but without the stupid-sounding name. They taste really good.

It’s zero meat so you can eat it on Fridays. “Plant-based meat” is just a way of saying that it has a texture similar to meat.


The point of the fast is to give up the luxury of meat. Yes, there are exceptions but the premise would be self defeated if you didn’t have bacon all day but opted for a $200 sword fish grill. (Im just making up something fancy here)

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I know. That’s why I figured this forum would already have a consensus on the topic. :wink:

Let me first of all say - I’m no expert on this :smiley:. But I had read that meat stock is ok on a Friday so I would have thought meat shaped vegetable protein would be ok too. Neither are actually meat.

I’m a vegetarian but go vegan on Fridays. I still eat vegan meat replacements. This does have the effect of making me pause before eating anything on a Friday to make sure it’s vegan.

Everytime I eat or am hungry on a Friday it then reminds me why I’m being abstinent.

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I sometimes buy “plant-based steaks” here in Switzerland (I’m vegetarian). They’re incredibly similar to hacked meat, texture and taste-wise. It’s up to you to see wether you’re comfortable with something so much like meat that it doesn’t feel like giving up anything.

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I wouldn’t eat that if you forced me, I never understood veggie burgers, kind of like low alcohol drinks, might aswell have coke or something.


“Beyond Meat” is all the rage now in Canada. It’s not the real thing but it’s not bad.

Right, that was always my take when (not) drinking with friends. But it’s different for meat, if you ask me. With alcohol they can only replicate taste, not the effect. With meat there’s no “desired effect” when I eat it, so if you could replicate it perfectly, I’d enjoy either. Especially on a Friday when said friends like to drown themselves in meat. :wink:

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Meat is expensive these days, I probably only have it once a week and that would be processed stuff from a supermarket. What I would like is for them to make fruit cheaper, I never get to eat it other than the odd banana as it’s so expensive these days.


What makes you say so?


Because when the fast was implemented meat was a luxury. Fish was cheap and easy to acquire and exempt.


Without giving credence, I understand that coincidence. But my understanding of the Church’s teaching comes from Catechism 2043, which makes no mention of any such thing, but rather ascribes the purpose as self-discipline.

The fifth precept (“You shall observe the prescribed days of fasting and abstinence.") ensures the times of ascesis and penance which prepare us for the liturgical feasts; they help us acquire mastery over our instincts and freedom of heart.

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I’m giving you the historical reason to provide context and explain why a lavish fish dinner would defeat the purpose.

If you want to dissect the catechism and it’s terminology that is a topic for another thread.

so, to answer the original question; is the plant-based Burger going to be something you’re going out of your way to consume and will it cost more than you would have otherwise spent on meat?

If he answers no then have at it otherwise you defeating the purpose of the fast.

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I eat vegetable and meatless burgers throughout Lent, there’s nothing wrong with it.


I remember a veggie burger from McDonald’s being pretty pitiful taste-wise, but normally I’m impressed with their taste. Even if it doesn’t imitate the texture of meat, I find selections such as black bean burgers or zucchini burgers very satisfying in their own way.

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They had a veggie burger when I worked there many years ago and then replaced it with a Quorn (99% of people can’t pronounce this) burger which used to stink the place out when it was steamed.

I had an amazing portobello mushroom cap stuffed with cheese and onions instead of a patty on a burger. It was simply amazing.


Oh dear, that sounds awful. :smiley:

I’d rather eat a pizza (cheese and tomato).

And anchovy! :fish: :yum:

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