Vegetarian for Lent, do I give up something else on Fridays and Ash Wednsday?

Since I’m giving up meat for all of Lent, should I give up something else for Fridays and Ash Wednsday?

I was thinking of either giving up a meal or going vegan (though I also plan on going vegan for Holy Week)

I would say that it is not necessary. You are already doing extra by giving up meat for all of lent. But it is up to you.

The fasting required on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday means you must eat less than normal anyway, so that’s already giving something up.

As for Lenten Fridays - perhaps give up some other food that you really enjoy.

The requirement on those days is to abstain from meat. If you wish to do something more than that, it is your decision to make and a laudable sacrifice.

Abstaining from meat on Fridays in Lent (as well as Ash Wednesday) is the MINIMUM.

If you wish to do more, and your confessor approves, God bless you.

Trust me, the Eastern rules are MUCH stricter.

you could always abstain from all animal products on abstinence days.

“giving up” means fasting. We are called to fast with all our senses… a teenager abstaining from Facebook for example, is another example of fasting

the dietary fast requirements are what they are. I would think though that in the case of a vegetarian, they might try to follow the teaching on fasing in general and limit themselves to one small meal on fast days

I am a vegetarian :smiley: and I absain from any kind of vegetarian meat (made of soy, wheat, etc) on Lent Fridays. Maybe you could do the same.


When you say that do you also mean dairy products and eggs?

Just curious!!


You could perhaps give up a favorite non-meat meal. Like pizza for instance. Or no eggs or no cheese or no whatever. Whatever you like best. No desserts, no sweets, no alcohol, etc…

It’s all according to your own likes and dislikes. Maybe you could eat brussel sprouts or ocra every friday (I abhor them both) instead of give up something.

Just some thoughts… :blush:

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