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I’m curious to women here- do you wear the veil? Why?

I’m interested in starting, but I’m self-conscious about wearing it. A few at my church do and I love it. I partially am intimidated that people will question me about why and I won’t be able to support it well- basically I think it’s beautiful and historically important- symbolic of chastity.

Sorry if this is a repeat of a post- I’m still figuring out how to look through old posts and find what I want.

I guess we all have our own individual reasons. I started covering a few years ago for Lent (I was so strict in diet that there really wasn’t anything food-wise left to give up, so I gave up pride in my hair). I actually enjoyed covering, and I would do it every so often after Lent was over.

I’ve just recently felt a calling to cover my head all the time. It wasn’t a sudden, wake-up-one-morning-and-do-it kind of calling, but a gradual increase in frequency and completeness. A year ago, I’d go out in a ball cap or a short bandanna, with my hair hanging out. Today I rarely wear anything less than a hijab, and keep my hair completely covered.


Hi and welcome! Lots of ladies here veil, and if you’ll look at the very top of the page and click on the tab marked “groups,” and type “Veiled in grace” in the search box, you’ll find a lovely group of ladies who veil.


Thanks. I’ll look it up!

I personally don’t but I do see women that do at daily Mass. If you feeled called to, do it. Don’t worry about what other people are going to think.

Just wear a hankie or scarf tied over your head, babuska-style, or a hat. Contrary to what you might see, you don’t have to wear an actual veil.

I think it’s silly to get worked up over the ‘femininity’ and ‘beauty’ and ‘mystery’ of ‘veiling’…ever notice how often those words come up when discussing head-covering? I’m always get the feeling that there is a not-so-holy motivation involved whenever I see those words. One of the early church fathers (can’t remember who) actually admonished against filmy transparent veils, as he felt they were being used by women as a kind of adornment, instead of properly and functionally covering the head.

why not try wearing a kerchief tied over your hair? That is a common enough thing even for young women to wear; no one will even give you a second look, trust me. Or a sunhat or touque, as the weather demands…Your devotion will be real, but invisible, as it should really be, and there will be no questions for you to answer.

I recently started veiling for Mass. Nobody has asked me any questions, so maybe you don;t have to worry about that part. You said that some ladies already veil at your parish, so I assume that it is not too liberal there?

I think you should definitely start veiling if that is what you would like to do; don’t worry about what other people will think. This is between you and God :thumbsup:

I think that this link could be helpful:

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Since first posting on the subject of the chapel veil, ‘The Catholic Knight’ has received many emails from modest women who have expressed their desire to keep the Biblical custom, but simultaneously feel apprehension, embarrassment, or worry about the potentially negative reaction they may get from fellow parishioners. The common thread in all of these emails seems to center around not wanting to draw attention to one’s self.

This is very commendable, because by not wanting to draw attention to one’s self, the woman who veils demonstrates that she fully understands the purpose of what the veil is all about. A more recent email inspired me to post on this topic directly.

It gives some alternatives to veiling. Also, check out the link in your PMs :wink:

Thanks everyone. I’ll check the links out.

Our church is pretty conservative. I sing in the choir and a few women in the choir wear it- I wouldn’t be able to wear a sunhat-- it needs to be a bit more formal to wear with robes and stuff. I’ve thought about waiting until it starts getting cool and wearing a scarf that I can use. I’ve heard that’s a good way to start being comfortable with it.

It’s an honorable tradition. I say go for it. I’m a man, so it’s not directly relevant to my life, but personally I dislike mantillas - it looks like a woman’s wearing a huge doilie on her head. I much prefer scarves and other opaque coverings. They also allow for more artistic variety since they can be printed with any appropriate pattern in many colors. But whatever you choose, wear it confident you are continuing an ancient Christian tradition!


First of all, I commend you for even thinking about starting such a devotion. I personally veil (though hijab-style more than anything) pretty much full-time. Any time I go out of the house and of course for Mass and Adoration, and most recently, for Confession I cover. I’m working up to around my family (by and large Lutheran, and not too receptive of me covering my head in the first place). That and my mom’s a Lutheran minister with very much a women’s lib attitude. Anything traditional, no. If I even mentioned I was interested in the TLM around her, I don’t know what she’d do (I still live at home, unfortunately). I am of age though. Work that’s another issue. Wouldn’t surprise me if the management were receptive to it though. They seem pretty open-minded. I’ve got to agree with Steven though, the mantillas that some women wear just look like a big doily on their heads. This is just me, but I though that veil was meant to cover most if not all of your hear, not give glimpses here and there. Personally, I admire Muslim women who hijab, it shows courage in my view. And the ways to hijab are endless, it seems; just look at Youtube under how to hijab.:smiley:


Here is an interesting article on veiling by a woman who wears one:

I personally find the veils to be in bad taste. I asked my mother about the subject and she said they always wore hats. Only old, immigrant ladies wore veils. There are many, many sites all over the internet where you can find beautiful hats and scarves at reasonable prices. Try Google.

I sent that link to the OP through PM :slight_smile: I love that site; reading that page is what inspired me to veil in the first place.

… and I don’t care what everyone says. I love mantillas :mad:

Wear whatever you want as long as it’s tasteful. Mantillas and veils aren’t specifically required for those who choose to veil, but bashing them is getting annoying.

I veil. I were mantillas, scarfs, berets, snoods, kerchiefs, etc… Here’s a good place to purchase head coverings that are tasteful and not as obvious as a mantilla

I’ve been veiling since right after I came into the Church, now, I don’t even notice if someone looks at me or whatever, I don’t care…I’m veiling because I’m in the presence of our Lord!

My headcovering of choice is a kerchief. In winter when the parish is a bit cold, I wear a full headscarf tied in the back. Hubby says I look Jewish. :smiley: And isn’t the mantilla a Spanish custom? I think they’re pretty. :slight_smile:

I wear berets and toques at church. It was hard at first, but now I’m in the habit of it (pun intended). I do it because St. Paul thought it was a good idea and it was a tradition in the Church until recently. Ultimately, I couldn’t come up with a good reason not to do it.

I grew up with it, and now that I am away at college (ack! we start back this week :eek: pray for me!!) I still do it on my own. If you have a love for traditional Catholicism, it is such an ancient custom. And Biblical too. I know it probably isn’t theologically important or anything, but I also feel closer to the women who have been veiling through the centuries, like we are all doing something together.

No one has ever said anything negative about it to me.

Me too! :eek:

Me three! :eek::eek::eek: Well, week after next, anyway.

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