Veiling booklet

I’m trying to find a booklet/pamphlet on reasons for women to veil at the EF Mass.
I remember seeing such a “critter” years ago but not for the last 20 years.

Any help in locating this would be appreciated.

I know that the requirement was dispensed with after Vatican II.

I do not recommend such a booklet. It would make the Church look more like Islam if it were distributed.

Thanks for the reply, Joseph3, BUT I totally disagree. Veiling is a Catholic heritage. Most of the women in our FSSP parish veil. :slight_smile:

They can do it if they like to. I just don’t think they should be forced to veil.

Covering your hair or modesty has a rich Catholic heritage.


I’ve only ever heard that term here on Catholic Answers.

As a priest, I find it a bizarre term. The only time we ever used such a term decades ago was when we spoke of a young woman “taking the veil” – which was an expression by which to say she was entering religious life, because it is a distinctive part of the habit of a Nun or a Sister and one which varied from postulancy to novitiate to juniorate to perpetual vows.

I never heard the word used as a verb, least of all by or about the laity.

Like maryjk, I’ve only seen/heard the term used here on CAF. It usually elicits a visceral response to being considered a second-rate Catholic because I don’t choose to cover my head with a specific piece of fabric to enter a church.

Back in the years when I had to “wear something on my head” I did it in obedience of the rule in place at the time, no deep theological ponderings accompanied my putting a hat/tuque/kerchief/tissue on my head. It was a rule, I followed it. When the rule changed I simply stopped.

Honestly, I know there have been many threads about this topic, but I still don’t get it. I agree, I have only heard about “veiling” on this site. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it, nor the wording of people claiming to be “called” to it. If it were a true calling, what does that say for those who are not called? Are we lesser Catholics?

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